Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pernicious Red - Natalie Bennett **Release Blitz**

Title: Pernicious Red
Series: When the Wicked Play #1
Author: Natalie Bennett
Genre: Dark Romance 
Cover Designer: Cover by Combs
Release Date: October 31, 2017
Little Red, Little Red,
do you want to play a game?
It starts with twelve
and it ends with one.
If you win
you get to live.
There's only one rule
don't go into the woods.
Rosalie Morgue is a simple woman that lives a simple life. She spends her days doing mundane things and her nights trying to forget about her past.
Channing Burrows is a man shrouded in mystery. He comes with a dangerous warning label and lives a life full of chaos and darkness.
One black rose and a riddle written in blood turns Rosalie’s world upside down and spinning right into Channing’s twisted web.
A volatile game of desire, murder, and manipulation ensues.
Truths are exposed and lives are destroyed.
*Each book in this series will be a stand-alone*
Content contains strong violence, coarse language, graphic sex, scenes of horror, and situations that most readers would find objectionable. 
Reader discretion is highly advised.
SN>This is not paranormal.
This is not a fluffy romance

Pernicious Red – Natalie Bennett – I will start by saying that I was advised to read the prequel, Rose De Muerte before Pernicious Red as it sets the stage for Pernicious Red. I must admit that I had a hard time linking the 2 stories together. I kept expecting to see mentions of the characters from Rose De Muerte or some sort of a timeline, but other than a few references that were similar, it just never came together for me. I needed to clear my mind of what I had read previously in order to be able to focus fully on Pernicious. The relationship between Channing and Rosalie is one of murder, deception, sex, and unexpected twists and turns. The connection between then was formed long before either of them were even born. Family secrets, lies, and maniacal traditions run rampant throughout the story. The story keeps you guessing and the surprise twist near the ending is one that I never saw coming. I liked the story, it was a very quick read, but I wish there would have been more a backstory on the Burrows family and the origin from which their murderous tendencies came from. The only reason I rated the book at 3 ½ stars is simply because of the confusion with the prequel and lack of references between them throughout the story. I really wanted more backstories of the families and secondary characters. Natalie Bennett has fast become a go to author for serious mind f*ck, wtf, and how does someone come up with this stuff type reads for me…and I’m hooked! I was given an ARC of this book and I have given it 3 1/2 stars - Tasha


Natalie Bennett is the creator of erotic stories that always come with a warning label. She writes about depraved alpha a**holes and women that love to hate them. Her books don't follow any specific tropes, have no set word counts, and tend to deviate from traditional HEA's.
When she isn't in front of her computer she's spending time with her husband and their three little boys.
Natalie is an avid fan of caramel frappes, horror movies, Shameless, and of course, reading.
You can find Natalie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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