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Review Wrong Question, Right Answer, The Bourbon Street Boys series by Elle Casey

Title: Wrong Question, Right Answer
Author: Elle Casey
Series: The Bourbon Street Boys
Release Date: August 23rd 2016


As a member of the Bourbon Street Boys private security firm, Antoinette “Toni” Delacourte is one strong woman, but despite her reputation for being tough as nails, she is haunted by her past mistakes. Now they’re catching up to her, and throwing her for a loop.
Ten years ago, Toni kissed Lucky, her brother’s best friend. Worried it would break apart the group she’d come to see as family, she walked away—straight into the arms of Charlie, and an abusive relationship.
For the past decade she’s tried to keep her feelings for Lucky platonic—he’s her friend, her colleague, and he’s got his own past to deal with. Free of Charlie but unable to shake his memory, Toni finds herself feeling vulnerable and unable to deny her attraction to Lucky any longer.
She’s always thought that kiss was her first mistake, but now she’s wondering whether the real mistake was running away.

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Review by Iza

I think I liked this one the most, out of all three. It focused less on the jobs and was less action-packed. It was more about our main characters, their backgrounds and their healing. First alone, then together.

Toni is badass, just like May stated. The latter would sometimes tick me off, a little but you can't stay mad at her long. Or her sister, Jenny.

Lucky was just plain adorable and I loved him! Of course I can't say much, because that would spoil the book but he was just swoon-worthy in many scenes.

Of course you can expect humor. But, as I said, it's more about healing, so maybe this one's the deepest book. I honestly hope Thibault gets a HEA too.

4 stars. I want to thank the publishers for the copy given in exchange for my honest review.

Amy's Review-3.5*

In the third installment of the Bourbon Street Boys, we finally get the story of Toni and Lucky.  They’ve intrigued from the start, and I’ve wanted to get to know them better.  They both suffer from tragedy in their past, and it weighs on both of them heavily.  Toni was sent to prison for killing an abusive ex-boyfriend; she still feels extreme guilt over this situation, thinking that maybe there was a way that she could have handled it that didn’t end in her ex’s death.  Lucky is still devastated by his sister’s suicide from several years prior; he feels that he should have been there more and that maybe if he had been, that her life wouldn’t have ended.  I liked that Toni and Lucky were able to both get some closure to their past in the end, and that they were able to find that in each other.  This story isn’t without some minor drama, but it’s all resolved fairly quickly. Overall, it was a good addition to the series; I’m hoping we might still get a story for Thibault, as I think he really needs someone in his life, as the rest of the team has found their respective match and I hope he does, too.

**Copy received via NetGalley for my honest review**

Author Info

Elle Casey, a former attorney and teacher, is a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling American author who lives in France with her husband, three kids, and a number of furry friends. She has written books in several genres and publishes an average of one full-length novel per month.


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