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Blitz Ink Slapped by A.M. Jones

Ink Slapped by A.m. Jones
Expected Publication Date: May 31, 2014
Genre: Adult Contemporary

The heart wants what the heart wants—a concept that free-spirited author T.M. Dabney, never understood until she laid eyes on her new cover model, Eli.

Eli Gregor, a struggling musician and mechanic, thinks he knows the true meaning of heartbreak—that is until he accepts a business venture with the alluring Taylor Dabney. With her help, he pieces his life back together when his dreams dangle within reach and once again everything falls apart. And his success comes with a price he doesn’t want to pay.

Caught between better judgment and desire, they find themselves at a crossroads—should they make the best decision for their careers or give in to their undeniable connection?

A torrid tale that weaves humor, drama, and sexual tension, Ink Slapped will leave you reeling and wanting more.

Brenna blinks her brown eyes at me, “Please, Taylor. All we need is an introduction and we’ll do the rest.”

She obviously doesn’t know how hard this is for me. If I make contact, it’ll set me back months. Even though, I was looking forward to this summer, it suddenly seems like one that will be filled with angst and longing. But in the best way.

My hand moves in slow motion to pick up my cell phone. That smile she gets when things go her way forms on her face. I do a quick search and hit dial before I lose the nerve, send my siblings home, and crawl into a hole to die.

“Well, well, well. Didn’t think I’d be hearing from you again.” His words are sharp, but there is no mistaking the smile in them, too.

I swallow and stare at Brenna, who is watching me with keen interest. “Crockett.”

A long pause, but he blows through his phone as if he doesn’t know how to deal with this unexpected turn in his day. “I shouldn’t admit this, but you probably already know anyway. I’m so fucking glad to hear your voice, luscious. How’ve you been?”

“Hanging in there.” Barely, and all I want to do is ask him how he’s been, what has he been doing, maybe even ask about—“I need to ask you a favor,” I blurt.


“I’d like tickets to Tainted District’s show in Knoxville this weekend. Maybe some passes for backstage?” Brenna hops up and down on my bed, slapping a hand over her mouth.

“How many?”

Three, three, three. “Two. My brother and sister want to meet you guys.”

“Brother and sister? The twins?”

“That would be them.”

A mischievous chuckle comes through the phone. “I’d love to show them the ropes.” Brenna’s eyes widen and she jumps up unable to contain herself.

“Thanks. And Crockett?”


“Don’t tell him I called.”

“I won’t.” His tone is serious—like a conviction and it startles me. “Listen, we need to catch up.” I’m already shaking my head, ready to say no, but he plows on, “But I have to go right this second.” His tone changes into his dramatic flair, meaning someone is probably within earshot. “Buh-bye, peaches.”

I sigh and toss the phone to the end of my bed. I freeze when I realize Brenna is watching me with her head cocked. Her face brightens as she smiles, “I knew it! Eli Gregor has a huge cock, doesn’t he?”

I can’t even muster the energy to be irritated. All I can think about is Crockett’s tone when he said, ‘I won’t.’

Author A.M. Jones is a hopeless romantic with a lewd mind. She resides in Tennessee and writes about anything that strikes her inspiration and creativity. Her strength in characterization makes realistic elements of humor, angst, and drama jump from the page and into your soul. Ms. Jones’ other half has published books in dark fantasy and continues to do so.

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