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Zero Alternative by Luca Pesaro REVIEW BLOG TOUR

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Zero Alternative
Publication Date: April 25, 2014
Genres: Thriller
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Framed, hunted, betrayed…

Scott Walker is a fugitive from the quicksands of Finance, with one card to play – DeepShare, a silicon oracle coveted by billionaires, hitmen and hackers. As he fights for survival and vengeance, digging deeper into the dark heart of the global economy, one question torments him: what price will the world have to pay?

ZERO ALTERNATIVE is an action-packed conspiracy thriller that plucks at the base of human nature. When our grip on love, hope and morality starts to slide, the only future worth living is the one we choose for ourselves.

About Luca Pesaro

Luca Pesaro was born in Italy but has spent most of his adult life in the US or UK. After long years gaining a degree and masters in the pseudo-science that is Economics he got bored, jumped the gun and became a derivatives trader in financial markets. Zero Alternative is his first novel and he is hard at work on his second thriller. He is married to an awesome lady and they have two children who always manage to annoy, surprise and delight beyond any reasonable expectation.
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Zero AlternativeZero Alternative by Luca Pesaro

Honestly, when I first started this book, I wasn't into it much at all. I don't know if I would have continued reading if I hadn't committed to a review. The intro material was over my head. But after a short bit into the story, it completely turned around for me. I really started to be drawn to the storyline. The plot sucked me in. It's super fast-paced and very entertaining. I guess it's classification would fall under Techno-thriller. Zero Alternative put me in the mindset of a mix of The Pelican Brief/The Bourne Identity/The Net except more current and with a focus on the stock market.


The settings are all over the world, and not much in the U.S. like so many books.

First off, the author is a genius with economics, finance markets, etc. It's definitely supremely better to have a story written by someone who knows what they're talking about. Nothing ruins a story quicker than an writer that doesn't understand the subject matter they're writing.

The main character is Scott Walker, a brilliant yet still human trader in a greed-only workforce. He possesses sole knowledge causing him to become desirable number one, to be framed for the murder of his best friend and to live on the run from those wanting to control the world economy which translates to ruling the world. He has to plan on the go.

A little trap that might also give him an alternative, the zero one.

Scott has a couple of close friends he can call in his time of need and several iffy characters popping up along the way. You never quite know if some of them are good or not through most of the book.

'You look like an angel. A fallen one, maybe, but still an angel.'

With so much landing on him, so much at stake, he feels that maybe he can make up for his previous inactiveness and get justice for the ones already taken down for a chance at possession of what he has.

It was impossible to tell if things might have turned out different, though. You can't change your own history. But he guessed the future was still up for grabs.

Watching it all play out, sometimes solving the problem just seems like a lost cause.

'You can tell them I've run it a billion times, of course. It's like watching a computer play chess against weaker copies of itself. The strongest one always wins.'

Sometimes the answer is just to reach rock bottom and go from there.

It was time for everyone to try again.

Once I got into this book, I was so keyed up that I couldn't put it down. I read it straight through, all day. I lapped up every word, and now I'm recommending it to you. If you like lots of action, behind the scenes government, global economic issues, this is for you.

*Contains sex scenes and torture scenes (sparingly).

***ARC was given by author for an honest review***

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