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Review Tales of a Traveler: Hemlock by N J Layouni

Title: Tales of a Traveler: Hemlock
Author: N J Layouni
 Series: Tales of a Traveler
Publication Date: April 28th 2014


When a modern-day woman finds herself stranded in a medieval world, an attractive outlaw offers her protection in the role of his 'wife', and pledges to help her find a way home.

Until then, Martha must try to fit into medieval society, avoid the Evil Earl and his minions, and learn how to trust her heart again.

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Author Bio

NJ Layouni is a wife, mother, and a mouthpiece for all the various characters who inhabit her head.

According to HP's Hermione: Hearing voices is never a good thing, not even in the wizarding world. Well, she's obviously not a writer, then!


First, I want to say: FIVE FECKING STARS.

Wow. This book is WOW! The storyline feels so real, the characters, the action. You think you’re in there, you feel whatever it is the characters are feeling.

We meet Martha Bigalow as she’s taking a stroll then she falls into the rabbit hole and finds herself in another time. Well, alright, not rabbit hole but she actually slips on a stone and falls into the river. Vadim, an outlaw finds her and that’s where Martha’s unique adventure begins. Sure, you think it’s just another contemporary/historical romance. Nope. It’s more because both characters evolve throughout the story. I fell for Vadim just as slowly as Martha did.

Now, Vadim. Oh, that man! If I wasn’t swooning over him or sighing, I wanted to smack him because he was so stubborn and there’s this one scene where I would have gladly kicked that ass of his, sexy or not. Yes, he can be a bastard but he’s a lovable bastard. Don’t ask. It makes sense, once you read it.

“Vadim’s smile didn’t end at his mouth. It involved his whole face. His dark eyes crinkled and twinkled, reducing his usual stony veneer to rubble. It was the brightest, whitest smile she’d seen on a man in a very long time – and he had the cutest set of dimples to go with it too.”

Dimples. Fecking dimples.

“I am a most determined hunter. Run where you will, my love. I will find you.” I’d run toward him but hey, that’s me!

“Without her, he knew he would be eternally lost.” Boom. Done for.

Jokes and crazy fan-girling over a hot character aside, this book is so worth it! I barely did anything else. Just read. Yes, it ends in a way that made me my jaw drop BUT honestly, one could see it coming. There are many more things to come and happen and I can’t wait for book two because well, let’s just say heads will roll.

*I was given a copy of this awesome book by the author herself in exchange of an honest review* 

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