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Reviews and Interview~ PAPER PRINCESS by Erin Watt



From strip clubs and truck stops to southern coast mansions and prep schools, one girl tries to stay true to herself.

These Royals will ruin you…

Ella Harper is a survivor—a pragmatic optimist. She’s spent her whole life moving from town to town with her flighty mother, struggling to make ends meet and believing that someday she’ll climb out of the gutter. After her mother’s death, Ella is truly alone. 

Until Callum Royal appears, plucking Ella out of poverty and tossing her into his posh mansion among his five sons who all hate her. Each Royal boy is more magnetic than the last, but none as captivating as Reed Royal, the boy who is determined to send her back to the slums she came from.

Reed doesn’t want her. He says she doesn’t belong with the Royals.

He might be right.

Wealth. Excess. Deception. It’s like nothing Ella has ever experienced, and if she’s going to survive her time in the Royal palace, she’ll need to learn to issue her own Royal decrees. 

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What made you decide to write together?

Jen: One day, in the midst of about a hundred emails about football, Elle suggested we write something fantastical. We batted around a few ideas and came up with Ella, the teenage stripper, who is kidnapped by a wealthy man and dropped into a lavish world full of vipers, snakes, and dragons. Elle came up with the perfect name for the antagonists. I made an actual oooohing sound when she told me that the name for the family of tormenters was going to be Royal.

How has the experience been so far? Is it a long distance thing, what is the process if so?

Elle: There’s only one word to describe this collaboration: an insane amount of FUN. Okay, that was five words J But really, we had so much fun writing Paper Princess. I think it took us about two weeks? It was borderline obsessive. And it’s definitely a long-distance collaboration—we don’t just live in different cities, we live in different countries. So our process involves a lot of emails, phone calls and text messages.

Do you see yourself doing future projects together? If so, care to share (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) 

Jen: We have hundreds of ideas. We have so many ideas, we fear we won’t get to even a quarter of them. Or an eighth of them. Whether any of these ideas actually turn into a book, however, is up in the air.
Elle: For now, we can confirm there will be at least two more projects—Broken Prince and Twisted Palace, the second and third books in the Royals series.

Who are your favorite characters?

Jen: You haven’t even met some of my favorite characters! Ella, of course. Reed. Easton. And a few others you’ll meet in book 2.
Elle: Easton. I love him. And I adore Ella and Reed. And there’s a character in book 2 that I’m OBSESSED with.

Where do you look for an obscure source of inspiration?

Jen: Inspiration is everywhere. In advertisements in a magazine. A one-line saying on a billboard. The guy in front of you getting coffee every morning. Everyone and everything has a story. 

Most memorable book event ((if you have attended))?

Jen: My most memorable book event was in Dallas when I met THE Judith McNaught. She was exactly how I thought all romance authors should be. To wit: she wore an actual feather boa. It was amazing. She was amazing.
Elle: I don’t attend many events because I’m painfully shy!

How far do you go to research your books?

Jen: I went to Italy! (see Last Kiss that I co-wrote with Jessica Clare)
Elle: I was in Ireland last summer to research one of my romantic suspense titles (Midnight Captive). But my favorite research trip was Coronado, California, where I got to talk to cute Navy boys about my Out of Uniform series.

And the most important- Chris Hemsworth or Liam Hemsworth?
Jen: Chris. Definitely, Chris. Sorry, Liam!
Elle: How is this even a debate? CHRIS!


Toni's 4* Review

Paper Princess is labeled as YA by many, but I would not consider it that. Even though most of the characters are under age, it does have mature content. There aren't a lot of sex scenes, but what is there is too descriptive for me to not put this book in the new adult category.

I was so swept up in the plot that time seriously got away from me. At one point, I figured it was my bedtime so I looked at the clock, and it was only a couple of hours until time for me to get up the next morning! So yeah, it's one of those books.

Ella has been through a lot of hardship and heartbreak in her young life. She is definitely a survivor. When she's offered what looks like a free ride (plenty of food, clothes, a wonderful house, etc.), she takes the opportunity to stop living hand to mouth. But a posh life with the Royals isn't exactly the fairytale one would expect.

The Royals. Whew! All the Royal men have issues. I have a love-hate relationship with them, and I'm so intrigued with them too. Most of the guys are still in high school, but they're sinfully delicious and dangerous already.
That ending! Grrrr!!! 

Amy's 4* Review

That was quite the ride I just went on. Ella is brought to the Royal family. She grew up not knowing her father, and he not knowing she existed. After her mother dies, her father's best friend comes to pick her up as he's her legal guardian.

Ella is immediately met with by disdain by all the Royal boys. They ignore her; or more fun for them is trying to beat her down emotionally by spreading rumors about her at school and treating her like trash.

I really liked Ella; she mostly ignored the Royal boys and their shenanigans, but also wasn't afraid to tell them when they were being jerkwads. Now Reed, he's pretty much as asshole through most of the book and he goes out in stunning fashion at the end of this book. It was an ending I didn't see coming. That being said, I can't wait to see if things change at all with book 2.

~~We were provided copies for our honest reviews~~

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