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Five Reasons You Should Totally Read the Lost Kings MC Series by Autumn Jones Lake

If you're familiar with MC books but not with the Lost Kings MC series by Autumn Jones Lake, you have no idea what you're missing out on! People are saying it's the love child of Sylvia Day's Crossfire series and Sons of Anarchy. I'll admit, I haven't read the Crossfire series, but I have seen SOA and well, LOKI is so much better. Let me give you five reasons why.

#1. The writing style. Yes, it's important because what I noticed is that, more and more MC books try to be the grittiest out there; every book is trying to be the dirtiest, with the biggest shock factor. Which is why so many of them fail. Before you say I'm being subjective, let me tell you that I've heard countless other readers complain about this. But the LOKI books aren't so much about the shock factor, but about being as realistic as possible. Hope and Rock are complicated; their relationship is complicated and it's not one to be wrapped up in a bow, hence why it spans three books, not one. But you're pulled in because the writing is that good, and you keep on turning the pages, to see what happens next. 

Which leads me to...

#2. Twists and turns, baby. So many of them, you're left reeling. No, there's not a lot of drama, but just the right amount. Hope's a lawyer, Rock's an MC president. What do you think, roses, unicorns and fairies? Nope. None of them. Real factor, remember? 

#3. The men. The LOKI MC members. You won't find two characters alike. Sure, they have things in common, like their love of breaking society's rules but following the MC's; their love of just riding their motorcycles and loving their women and protecting them, fiercely. Loyalty. Brotherhood. One's more hotheaded than the other; one's bigger and badder; a couple are laid back, and then you have the man-whores. But you can't help but love them all.

#4. The women. Hope and Trinity are so different, they grew up in different circumstances; led totally different lives. Yet their lives meet, at one point and the love they have for their bikers, their family binds them together. We see both of them grow, with each page, with each book. I can't tell you how hard it is for me to find a female character that I love.

#5. Wrath. Wyatt 'Wrath' Ramsey deserves to be a reason because I swear, he's perfect. He's this big, bad, gruff biker that scares the hell out of everyone. He's a fighter - both literally and figuratively. He's a beast. But with Trinity, he's the exact opposite and you can't help but melt whenever you're reading a scene about the two of them. Yes, their book was one hell of a ride - you can say it was the ugly side of the fairy tale - but the HEA started for them and I hope to read more about them soon. 

There you go, I hope these will make you curious. They're too awesome not to be read. I'm grateful that Shanda convinced me to try book one. I was weary of MC books after a few fails. But you know it's a favorite series when you reread them and can't wait for the next one, even though it's going to kill you.

More Than Miles - coming soon

5 Reasons to Read the Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux ~ By Stephanie GooglyEyes

5 Reasons You Should Read Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux

Reason One
It’s Funny AS FUCK! Tyler Grady has some of THEE best one liners…EVER! Not to mention the goofy as hell shirts he wears and how he gives zero fucks what people say about them. He’s not your average alphabet! The situations they find themselves in in each book too are just so ridiculously funny. You will definitely be entertained reading this series.

Tyisms- by Stephanie GooglyEyes

Reason Two
It’s Hot as HELL! The steam factor between Ty & Zane is off the charts HOT HOT HOT. Reverse cowboy, I’m just saying! ((sorry ya’ll, that’s not til book 6, but there’s plenty more in the meantime!!!))

"I love you too," he said. "Now let me pull my pants up, huh? You can't wear a hat with you junk hanging out."

Reason Three
Unforgettable characters. All of them! Not just Ty & Zane, but Nick & Kells, and Julian & Cam, Liam, Smith & Wesson ((the cats!)), and of course, Barnum. No one will EVER forget Barnum!!

Reason Four
Great Action. There is always something bound to happen to the guys that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Whether it’s mountain lions or a mole. Expect edge of your seat action and usually explosions.

Reason Five

The series may have a strong heat level, but make no mistake that it isn’t plot and storyline thick. Each book has a new adventure and new twists with the undertone of several unraveling twists throughout the entire series. ((Remember that mole I mentioned??)) This really is a well-rounded series and even though it is MM, I really think there is something for everyone in the series. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be holding on to the edge of your seat. Above all, you will be rooting for Ty and Zane!!

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Cover Re-Reveal + Sale Pretty series by M. Leighton

The Pretty Series books by M. Leighton have pretty new faces and a pretty new price!  From June 29-July 6, each of the Pretty Series ebooks are on sale for ONLY 99 pennies!  Get your copies here:

She has also opened her store for the week, so you can get SIGNED PAPERBACKS with the new covers! 

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Five Reasons You Should Totally Read the Beneath Series by Meghan March

Okay, if you haven't heard of the awesome Meghan March and her equally awesome Beneath series, you are missing out. This is a fave of mine; I've been in love with these characters since I met them when reading Beneath This Ink. 

Five reasons you should read this series? Simon, Con, Lord, Titan, Rix and Hennessy. Okay, so six reasons. 


But yes, #1. is the male characters from the series. They're big, bad and oh-so-hot! They're protective as heck, but not to the point of suffocating. Oh and they're dirty. Yummmm.

#2. The ladies! I love them! One's stronger than the other; each has a story that tugs at your heartstrings. Oh and they're no damsels in distress. Nope, they stand right by their men, equals and fearless. Bad. Ass. 

#3. The setting! It's New Orleans, a place I've wanted to visit since I read about it in Anne Rice's vampire books. Granted, this is the modern side of NOLA and a more realistic depiction.

#4. Story line. No recycled, each is unique, even though the guys and girls are strong, as I mentioned above. Tattoo artists, pawn shop owners, billionaires, cops. You name it, you've got it all. Diversity. 

#5. Writing style. Unique, yes, but it's the kind that pulls you in and there's no way you are ever bored. There's always a twist, something unexpected that will happen. 

So, there you have it, five reasons why you should pick up this series, meet the characters and fall in love with them. And if you ever get the chance to meet Meghan at a signing, do so! She's the sweetest and kindest! Yes, I have a girl-crush on her. She wrote two of my fave book boyfriends. Or three. Four. You get the picture. 

P.S. Meghan JUST started writing book 6 and, I swear, she writes so fast, you may want to catch up on the series before it comes out!


Release Blitz - Dark Mafia Prince by Annika Martin

Dark Mafia Prince by New York Times bestselling author, Annika Martin is LIVE!
 Don’t look at me like that. So trusting. Like you think I’m not a monster. Like I won’t wrap your hair in my fist and bend you to my will. Like I won’t sacrifice you, piece by piece, to save my brother. I’m the most dangerous enemy you’ll ever have because every time you look at me, you see somebody good. That friend who died. And when you look at me like that, I die again.
Mira I spent years making myself invisible. A good girl, apart from the noise.
Then you came back, beautiful and deadly in your Armani suit. Don’t look at me like you still know me, you say. But I remember your smile and those sunny days. Before they lowered your small casket into the ground. Before they told us the prince was dead.


About the Author:
Annika Martin is a NYT bestselling author who enjoys writing dirty stories about dangerous criminals! She loves helping animals and kicking snow clumps off the bottom of cars around the streets of Minneapolis, and in her spare time she writes as the RITA award-winning author Carolyn Crane.
Connect with Annika:

Release Blitz & Review - Beautifully Decadent by L.A. Fiore

BD RDB banner

Beautifully Decadent by L.A. Fiore 

Contemporary Romance 

Released: June 28, 2016


Avery Collins has just landed her dream job, pastry chef for the posh-Manhattan restaurant, Clover. Her new boss, Trace Montgomery, even helped with securing her an affordable place to live: a beautifully restored carriage house owned by his friend, Rafe McKenzie—a man that makes her catch her breath and stirs her imagination. Trouble is, he's involved with someone, his father is being released after 25 years in prison and Avery is just his tenant. Exploring the attraction that sizzles whenever they're together would be the icing on the cake, but Avery knows all too well that you can't have everything. Of course, what's cake without icing?

 Rafe McKenzie's world shattered at nine when his father Liam—the only parent he knew—was arrested and convicted for armed robbery. Growing up in the system, Rafe managed to survive his childhood and now has a job he enjoys, a house he's restoring and a tight circle of friends. He's even working on reconciling with his dad, both eager to put the past in the past.

 Happy for the income a tenant would bring, Rafe agrees to rent his carriage house to Clover's new pastry chef. When Avery Collins pulls up his drive, she's not at all what he's expecting. Funny, sexy and as sweet as her desserts, it doesn't take long for things between them to heat up. Just when it seems as if they'll have their cake and eat it too, the past comes back with deadly intent leaving Rafe to figure out who's pulling the strings before his world shatters again.

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This was my first L.A. Fiore book and it won’t be my last. This was a pretty fantastic read in my opinion. It was sweet, sexy, fun, and had a nice suspense plot through it. It is definitely for lovers of goofball heroines and hunky alpha male heroes.

Avery Collins is going after her dream job; the pastry chef at Clover. The owner Trace (the hero from book one) is blown away by her interview and hires her. Avery is also trying to find a place to live so she doesn’t have to commute and Trace quickly puts her in touch with his friend Rafe McKenzie. Rafe has a carriage house on his property for rent and Avery soon moves in.

I seriously loved Avery, I mean really loved her. She was so funny and adorable and I want to be her friend. She is awkward, funny, and as Rafe calls her; a goof. Avery is instantly smitten with Rafe and I can’t say I blame her. He is tall with long black hair and he is kind of aloof at first. SWOON!! There were so many cute scenes (tree climbing) that had me laughing. I particularly loved her drooling over Rafe (binocular stalking) and his friends. Rafe can’t help but be drawn to Avery and her adorable ways and they slowly fall for each other. I liked the pacing of their romance because you kind of fell in love with them as they were falling in love. Avery hasn’t really put much effort into finding a guy because of her career but she does want to find her HEA. Rafe has had a sad upbringing and isn’t really looking for love either but he doesn’t stand a chance with Avery.

All of the side characters were fabulous. I definitely plan to go back and read book one and two in the series to catch up on the other couples. I loved Avery’s relationship with her sister and they were hilarious. I also loved Rafe’s father and was happy he got a second chance.

This was just a fun slow burn romance that had me laughing and kept a smile on my face until the end. Bonus, this book made me hungry and the illustrations were really cool. Well Done!




the author 


L.A. Fiore is the author of several books including: Beautifully Damaged, Waiting for the One and A Glimpse of the Dream. She's also the social secretary for her two children, a tamer of ill-mannered cats, the companion to one awesome dog and married to her best friend. She likes her wine red, her shrimp chilled and her social gatherings small and intimate.





Releases July 28th 2016

Lake Jones is a cover girl for cutting-edge prosthetic legs, a binge-watcher of Netflix, known to spy on her neighbor through her door’s peephole, and fond of laser games with her hairless cat. She’s also a bit sexually-frustrated.

Until …

God bestows a breath of mercy upon her in the form of Minnesota’s NFL starting quarterback. But this gift is no stranger. Lake met Cage Monaghan three years earlier.

It was one day.
One moment.
One kiss that resurrected her dreams of finding love.

His dimpled smile distracts from his imperfections, which include: a love for country music, fishing, and a feline-hating girlfriend.

When life finally gives them their chance, it’s a humorous and heart-wrenching journey to find their place in the world.

"We would be Cage and Lake. We would be unpredictable. We would be reckless. We would give normality the middle finger.”

***This book is a standalone. However, it is HIGHLY recommended that any readers who have not, but may consider, reading the Jack & Jill Series, do so before reading this book. It contains spoilers to Jack & Jill.
“Wow. Nice basement. Or shrine. It really is more of a shrine.”

Cage laughed, taking our luggage into the bedroom. My eyes remained glued to the wall.

 “I’m glad you see the humor in it so I won’t feel so bad when I say, ‘Oh. My. God.’ I mean, common sense tells me there has to be a wall behind all these posters and photos, but without that common sense it really does look like the posters and photos are the wall.” I stepped closer, inspecting the non-existent spacing between the frames.

            Cage in high school.
            Cage in college.
            Cage with Minnesota.
            Cage receiving award after award.

            “My mom is my number one fan.”
            “No shit. I’d considered taking on the role myself, but clearly I’m way out of my league.”
            He swept my hair off to one side and kissed my neck, pressing his body to my back. “Have I told you today how beautiful you are?”
            “No. N-not yet.” I closed my eyes as his hands slid under my shirt, finding their way to my breasts.
“You are. You’re so damn beautiful in every way.”
            His touch made me crazy. The ending of my cycle made me horny. The combination of both made me not care where we were. I turned in his arms. My grin screamed come hither.
            “Couch, Monaghan.”
            He quirked a brow.
            “Don’t make me say it again.”
            He smirked, taking several steps back before flopping onto the enormous brown sectional. I grabbed one of his tennis shoes and pulled it off and then the other. His socks followed suit.
            “Can you feel it, Monaghan? You’re getting ready to score again. What if your off-season record surpasses your regular-season record?” I “shrugged off my shirt.
            His gaze dropped to my chest. “I love when you talk my language.”
            I slipped off my shoe. Each item of clothing got tossed in a different direction for theatrics.
            My favorite dimples came out, approving of my strip tease.
            “Mind if I lose the leg?” I asked.
            He shook his head. There really were no words to describe how his lack of any sort of reaction made me feel.
            Not one flinch.
            Not one nervous glance at my leg.
            Not one second of hesitation.
            It was as if I asked whether we could listen to music while having sex. Cage didn’t see my disability. He found every version of me sexy. I found my heart hurting from the fear that someday he would look at me and think “Holy, shit! You’re missing part of your leg.”
 With equal flair, I tossed my leg over the back of the couch and straddled his waist in just my black bra and panties.
            “I think we can be honest with each other, Monaghan, so I’m going to let you in on a little female secret.”
            He tore his eyes from my breasts and met my gaze.
            “By the end of a woman’s cycle or period as you don’t like to call it…” he rolled his eyes “…we are horny, as in, there is probably a twenty-four to forty-eight hour gap where you could fuck a woman senseless and she’d still beg for more.”
            His Adam’s apple bobbed, swallowing that little nugget of information. “Shit! I brought you to my mom’s house during your fuck-me-senseless time.”
            I shrugged, reaching behind me and unfastening my bra which got tossed over the couch as well. “Rookie mistake, Monaghan. Now … the real question is…” I wet my lips while unfastening his jeans “…what part of my body is going to give you your first orgasm tonight?” ”

            “Jesus, Lake …” His breath caught just as I finished pulling down his zipper.


Jewel is a free-spirited romance junkie with a quirky sense of humor.

With 10 years of flossing lectures under her belt, she took early retirement from her dental hygiene career to stay home with her three awesome boys and manage the family business.

After her best friend of nearly 30 years suggested a few books from the Contemporary Romance genre, Jewel was hooked. Devouring two and three books a week but still craving more, she decided to practice sustainable reading, AKA writing.

When she’s not donning her cape and saving the planet one tree at a time, she enjoys yoga with friends, good food with family, rock climbing with her kids, watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, and of course…heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, panty-scorching novels.

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5 Reasons You Should Read Fallocaust Series by Quil Carter

5 Reasons you should read Fallocaust Series by Quil Carter

Reason #1
Reaver, aka The Raven, aka The Darkness ((aka Chance)).  I don’t think I have ever met a more badass character in my life. He’s pretty much an emotionless machine who does what needs getting done in a world where half the people and animals are mad with radiation disease. He takes no prisoners and doesn’t mess around. Well, until he meets Killian, of course. Which in turn makes him a bit of a conundrum.

Reason #2
Elish Dekker, Prince of Skyfall. He is such a complex and intellectual character. I feel like he holds all the cards and has a poker face to rival the best of them. He is VERY hard to figure out and that alone is a reason to love, hate, and fear him. You can see his story in the companion novel; Breaking Jade.

Reason #3
This ain’t your children’s dystopian story. Forget what you saw in The Hunger Games. This is the waaay more grown up version that will make even the most iron stomach squirm. It’s like THG and Mad Max but way more grown up and on steroids and meth. I think if a "end of the world" situation were to happen, this would be what it is really like, well minus the PNR aspect, but the rest I feel is spot on. This world is so addicting, just like the black tar heroin and opium cigarettes, once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Hang on to your hats, folks, you’re about to be taken on the most *ucked up ride!

Reason #4
Chimeras, or lab created super humans, made from the blood of the King and science. King Silas creates them for certain purposes and they’re given special enhancements to fulfill their roles. There are brutes for protection, intellects to help run the new world and labs, demons, empaths, and the “perfect partner”. All that are created must be made in a certain image, as the King likes them beautiful, and they are as dangerous as they are beautiful, so you never cross one.

Reason #5
Reno Nevada aka Otter. In all the dark and terror and war, he is a beacon, his attitude and fun nature is a breath of fresh air. He brings a comedic relief in a world where you’re only goal is to survive. I think this series really needs that, because it is so dark and gruesome and stressful. He really makes this series for me, as he balances that out. And of course, Killian, aka KilliCat. He also was a shining beacon in a world of dark, but after leaving the somewhat cushy factory town has been tainted by the Greywastes and what it can do to a persons life. He is still the light to Reaver’s darkness though, and I think they round each other out as a whole. Of course there isn’t rainbows and sunshine, but it’s enough to give you hope in this cruel new world.

((Bonus Reason))
All of these titles are on Kindle Unlimited and they are sooo worth the money. The amount you pay for the month will more then be made up for by this series alone!! Some of the novels are over 800 pages, so you really getting the bang for your buck! and an awesome series to boot!!

I really hope that's enough reasons to get you to try this series! LOL
It is an MM series, so expect a lot of man on man action. King Silas wouldn't want it any other way! ;)
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