Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Cover Reveal - The Lying Hours by Sara Ney

ABRAHAM DAVIS—Honest Abe to his friends—IS IN OVER HIS HEAD...

He’s a fixer and a do good-er. The all-knowing, resident "grandfather" on the wrestling team who everyone relies on to fix their problems. His teammates go to him for everything; advice, homework, or when they need a sober driver at three in the morning--whether he likes it or not.

Abe’s current mission is easy: mend his roommates broken heart by helping him find a girlfriend on the LoveU app--without getting caught in the lie...


Over her bad grades. Over her meddling older brother and his two best friends. And over dating douchebags. What she wants to know is: where have all the nice guys gone?

She longs for a handsome, sweet, and honest guy who can make her laugh. In one last ditch effort to prove that he exists—Skylar turns to LoveU.

On her worst day, Skylar has no filter (it’s a miracle she hasn’t been ditched mid-date).
On her best, she’s as wholesome, and sweet, as pie.
On Thursday? She matches with Abraham Davis’s roommate.

Skylar Gabriel is falling for the wrong guy—she just doesn’t realize it yet.




Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte's, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Review- The Girl He Used to Know- Tracey Garvis Graves

The Girl He Used to Know- Tracey Garvis Graves


Annika Rose likes being alone.
She feels lost in social situations, saying the wrong thing or acting the wrong way - she just can't read people. She prefers the quiet solitude of books or playing chess to being around others.
Apart from Jonathan. She liked being around him, but she hasn't seen him for ten years. Until now that is. And she's not sure he'll want to see her again after what happened all those years ago.

Annika Rose likes being alone.
Except that, actually, she doesn't like being alone at all.

4 Stars

The story opens with Annika and Jonathan bumping into each other at a grocery store and we learn they share a past, but we don't know the particulars of it, which is where the story takes us.

Annika and Jonathan meet in Chess Club during their senior year of college. They develop a friendship which turns into a romance. Annika has her issues, and we eventually figure out that she on the Autism spectrum. She's quite intelligent, but she has a hard time reading social cues and doesn't always have the "right" reaction to situations. Jonathan is quite understanding of Annika's quirks and actually loves her eccentricities. Their relationship grows and we eventually learn of the situation that broke them apart. Their break up is difficult for various reasons.

The story is told in intermixed chapters of their past and now present relationship. Jonathan is recovering from a messy divorce and he's not sure if he wants to try again with Annika, although we get the sense that he'd be more devastated if he lost Annika again. Annika is working hard to show Jonathan how she's changed over the years. I adored the way Jonathan admires Annika and all of her struggles. He knows that sometime she needs to work things out for herself and doesn't rush in to try and solve her problems for her. Annika proves herself in a big way towards the end.

I really quite enjoyed their journey. My only wish is that I would have had more of the "after".

Advance copy received courtesy of NetGalley and St. Martin's Press.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Review- Into This River I Drown- TJ Klune

Review- Into This River I Drown- TJ Klune

Blurb: Five years ago, Benji Green lost his beloved father, Big Eddie, who drowned when his truck crashed into a river. All called it an accident, but Benji thought it more. However, even years later, he is buried deep in his grief, throwing himself into taking over Big Eddie's convenience store in the small town of Roseland, Oregon. Surrounded by his mother and three aunts, he lives day by day, struggling to keep his head above water.
But Roseland is no ordinary place.
With ever-increasing dreams of his father's death and waking visions of feathers on the surface of a river, Benji's definition of reality is starting to bend. He thinks himself haunted, but whether by ghosts or memories, he can no longer tell. It's not until the impossible happens and a man falls from the sky and leaves the burning imprint of wings on the ground that he begins to understand that the world around him is more mysterious than he could have possibly imagined. It's also more dangerous, as forces beyond anyone's control are descending on Roseland, revealing long hidden truths about friends, family, and the man named Calliel who Benji is finding he can no longer live without.

5 Stars

So angsty, but yet so good. TJ has such a versatile writing style and I think for me, this was his most angst-ridden book I've read (and I've read almost all of them). It just seems like Benji is never going to catch break....and even at the end, we don't know if that will ever really hold true. But this book is also about hope and faith, in yourself, in a greater purpose and in those who you surround yourself with. Calliel is a bright beacon in this story, but even he has his moments of doubt. Nina is pure joy and she's a fierce little thing, too. I adored the people of Roseland (with a few exceptions) and I can only hope that their strength carries them through whatever may come their way.

And this cover...I just absolutely adore it.  It makes more sense after having read the book, but it's beautiful nonetheless!