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"Does he have his claws in her for good? Or is she just yanking his tail? 

Elena Demos’s life has been turned upside down. Her mother has passed away, leaving Elena and her two half-sisters to deal with their mother’s will and the crazy stipulations it contains. For the three sisters to inherit the substantial amount of money left behind, they have to go to work with two aunts they’ve never met, in the family business they’ve known nothing about, Amazons Inc. If that isn’t bad enough, she runs into the man who once broke her heart, and it’s only their first day on the job. 

Gage Ivanov is a stupid beast. He let the woman who should be his mate go because she couldn’t be told of his Other identity. Now, Elena’s back, but she refuses to give in to his demands for her to be his mate. The timing for all of this couldn’t be worse, either, because Gage and his circle of friends are trying to subdue a rogue pack of wolf shifters in Germany who threaten to out the Others to the world of humans. Will he be able to juggle the oncoming conflict and win back his mate?"

Claws have never been this sexy.


Jessie Lane is the writing team of Crystal and Melissa. The two sisters-in-law share a passionate love of naughty romance, cliff hanging suspense, and out-of-this-world characters that demand your attention, or threaten to slap you around until you do pay attention to them.
Crystal lives in Kentucky with her husband and her two little Rock Chicks in the making. Melissa lives in Minnesota with her husband and two fur babies, Yuffi and Lolo. Crystal is now trying to talk Melissa into “polar bear” swimming in Lake Superior, but so far Melissa is adamantly telling her no.
They write YA/NA & adult paranormal romance as well as adult contemporary romance.  
















I read a preview of a book called Big Bad Bite just by chance about a month ago, it intrigued me so I one clicked. I really enjoyed it and I loved Adam and Jenna but will confess when Gage and Alec came onto the scene I wanted Jenna to be with one of them - what can I say, I'm a sucker for tiger shifters who are tall , built and hawt!  

'Walk On The Striped Side' is Gage and Elena's story ~ it's well written & full of humour and I laughed out loud many times no matter where I was (cue the strange looks in my direction!!! )  
Jessie Lane gives us a funny hot alpha male, a sassy strong slightly psychotic heroine and a back-up cast of characters that are phenomenal. Who couldn't love Chloe and her addictions ~ hey, we'd all fight for our Jimmy Choos!!! ~ man-whore Alec whose hotness factor is just growing and growing, Babushka with her complete annihilation of the english language (batter of baby made me howl) and the spider, I have no words for that poor spider.

Throw in flame throwers, guns, catnip and toys and you have a really funny book with every ingredient you need for a few hours of total easy enjoyment. I am looking forward to the next book 'The Demon Who Loved Me' and i just know there will be sparks a-flying between Chloe and Kent.............    


Cover Reveal of Sweet Temptation by K.C. Lynn (links and giveaway)

Title: Sweet Temptation (Men of Honor, #2)
Author: K.C. Lynn
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: June 2014

“If you could go back and change one moment in your life what would it be?” I expect him to say the week the three of them were held prisoner, but what he says next is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

“It would be to find you sooner, because I would have never let anyone hurt you.”

And that was the moment I gave Sawyer Evans my whole heart.


At 17 years old Grace Morgan had managed to live through what would be the worst day of her life. One would think this is where her torment ended, but then she was sent to live with him- the devil himself.

Three years later she finds herself in the beautiful, small town of Sunset Bay, South Carolina - a perfect place to start her life over. This is where she meets the best friends she will ever have, and one cocky, sexy, arrogant ex-Navy Seal whose heart turns out to be bigger than his ego. Right when things start looking up the worst day of her life comes back with a vengeance; ruining the peace she had just found.

Sawyer Evans is a strong, sexy, confident ex-Navy Seal who loves women just as much as they love him. His philosophy is: the more the merrier, with no strings attached. But all that changes the day he rolls into Sunset Bay, where he meets a sweet, sexy blonde with sad amber eyes, who smells like cupcakes and bakes the most delicious pies. The only girl who isn’t affected by his good looks and charm...or so he thinks. 

But Sawyer is a fighter who is used to getting what he wants, and he wants Grace. Along the way of making that happen, he finds out she holds secrets, and a pain much deeper than he thought possible- and he has known pain like no other man has. 

A year ago he made a life-altering decision that not only bought him a week in hell with men he considers his brothers, but also ended his career. It was a decision he will never regret, no matter the scars he bares, physically or emotionally. He refused to let that moment in his life break him or define him.

So when Grace’s life is threatened, he will make another decision, one to not only protect her, but also mend her broken heart. 

This is a New Adult Romance and is told from both character’s pov. Due to strong sexual content, coarse language and mature subject matter this book is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

This is Book Two in the Men Of Honor series. If you like hot, tattooed, possessive alpha males than this is the book for you.

Sweet Temptation - Excerpt

I smile now, thinking about him and Cade at a younger age, “How long have you been friends with Cade?”

His easy smile returns, “Since the first day of second grade. We were the most unlikely duo. I was a kid from a good family who had money, and well... let’s just say Cade was the opposite. One day, after school, three older kids were picking on him at the playground, so I walked up and beat the shit out of all three of them. I saved his life. After that he followed me around everywhere I went. No matter what I did I couldn’t get rid of him, so I thought: ah what the hell, I’ll be his friend.”

I stare at him a second before I burst out laughing, “You’re lying!”

He looks at me, affronted, “I am not! You should have seen me baby, I kicked major ass.”

I shake my head and continue to laugh, knowing he’s lying. “Ok, ok, it was actually the other way around, but don’t judge Cupcake I was small for my age, believe it or not. I didn't get all this until closer to junior high.”

I have a hard time picturing Sawyer small for his age, considerin’ what a giant he is now. “So you followed Cade around till he became your friend?”

“Wouldn't you?” he asks looking at me like I’m crazy, “the guy kicked the shit out of all three of those fuckers for trying to steal my new Pumas. I decided right there that this guy was going to be my friend, and I was gonna bring him everywhere I went, which I did. At first he tried acting like he didn’t want to be my friend, but of course it didn’t take long before he realized I wasn’t going anywhere. In the end he decided to give in, and we have been best friends ever since.”

With a big smile I wrap my arms around his neck, “That’s a great friendship story. I’m glad y’all met, and he was able to save your Pumas for you.”

Sawyer grins, “Me too baby. My mom had just bought those for me, she would have been pissed.”

I giggle again, but it fades as I tread into darker territory, “Can I ask you somethin’?”

“Anything Cupcake.”

“How did Cade’s sister die?” His expression turns to stone, his eyes cold and hard. I immediately regret asking. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

He shakes his head, as if pulling himself out of some sort of turmoil, “No it’s fine. It’s just... I have never told another soul this story, but I will tell you. You can’t ever bring it up to Cade though, ok? Because it’s something that will send him right over the fucking edge; it’s why he never talks about it.”

My stomach turns to lead and I swallow nervously, knowing what Sawyer is about to tell me is probably going to be the most awful thing I will ever hear in my life.
*Purchase book 1 of the Men of Honor series*
Buy Links - Fighting Temptation

*About K.C.*
K.C. Lynn lives in a small town in Western Canada. She’s married and is a stay at home mom of four: two girls and a set of twin boys. She coaches the local high school cheerleading team and also has her own rhinestone clothing business. Her love of romance books brought her to writing her first debut novel and she looks forward to writing many more. When she’s not writing, or spending time with her family, she’s reading and loves going to the movies.

*Connect with K.C.*

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Cover Reveal for Cursed Love by t.h. Snyder


Lincoln Minzotto has the life everyone wants, yet he resents it.

He’s grown up as the youngest of three children to a wealthy congressman and successful lawyer. Pushed to his absolute excellence, Linc felt the real path for him was different than his parents’ hopes and dreams.

On the most important night of his father’s reelection, Linc makes a choice that will lead to a lifetime of regret.

Deciding to start a new life, he and his best friend, Daulton, purchase a rundown tattoo shop called Cursed Magic.

While restoring Cursed Magic, Linc’s faith in life is put to the test in more ways than one. Faced with the horrors of the bleak, starless nights and the women that come and go, he decides to give up all together, until one fateful night with a stranger.

Will one night shape his future forever? Can he turn the Curse he’s endured into a blessing even though all odds are against him?

About the Author

t. h. snyder (1979) was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. For six years she worked in the field of higher education while earning her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Management from University of Phoenix. She's a single mother to two children. She became an avid reader in spring of 2012 and since has read over 250 books. Her genre of interest ranges from Romance to thrilling Paranormal. This is more than just a hobby for her, it's a passion to read the words of great authors and bring life to their stories with her reviews and character castings. She started writing her first novel in June of 2013 and is anxious to see where this journey takes her!!

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Valiant by Laurann Dohner

Valiant Book links
Kindle US
Kindle UK
Kindle CA
Kindle AU
Ellora's Cave

Book 3 in the New Species series. 

Tammy has always tried to be prepared for any calamity life might send her way but she never imagined a sexy, lion man-beast in her future. He's huge, got the most exotic, golden cat-eyes she's ever seen, and she's so terrified she's speechless for the first time in her life. He's stalking closer, growling at her, and she's too terrified to even flee. 

Valiant hates humans. But when he gets a whiff of the adorable human female who has invaded his territory, he starts rethinking. Her fear scents of pure, sweet temptation and the closer he gets, the more appealing she becomes. Once he's got his hands on her, he isn't about to let her go. One thought will change his life. MINE Before Tammy can regain her senses, she's flat on her back in Valiant's bed. Now he just has to use every inch of his big, buff body to convince her that she should stay with him forever.

Reader Advisory: While this book may be read as a standalone, the background story is best enjoyed when the books in this series are read in sequential order.

I love this series, New Species.  I was hooked immediately after starting book 1.  I just had to take a short pause in reading to do a review for Valiant (book 3).  My friend, who knows how I love strong, controlling, sexy, possessive, beast-like book boyfriends, recommended this series.  I messaged her mid-way through the first thanking her.  She couldn't wait for me to get to Valiant, knowing that I would love him.

The New Species are human/animal hybrids.  Humans were crossed with either canine, feline or primate DNA and given drugs which affected their growth patterns, strength, healing, abilities etc.  They were experimented on in labs by evil doctors and have now been found and freed.  Currently they are trying to acclimate to the real word while protecting themselves.

I was worried after finishing the first book that the series would become dull and repetitive, but each story although similar is quite unique.

Something that I like about the books (besides the man candy) is that the women are fighters.  Even though they often need to be saved, they are great at thinking on the fly and finding a way to stand up for themselves.

Although each book is about a certain couple, many characters from past books or future books weave in and out of the storyline.  This is a plus to me.

All of the New Species men are super alpha and animalistic.  I love this about them.  The scenting, the growling-oh so yummy.  They also have super strength, sight, hearing, smelling and other animal-isk traits (and they're super-sized down below, smile).  Thus far, Valiant is the biggest and most beastly of any.  The majority of the N.S. are more man, but he's more animal (lion to be exact).

Everyone is afraid of Valiant.  He roars.  He attacks.  He totally embraces his brute side.  No one would dare cross him.  After he gets Tammy's scent for the first time, she's his in his mind.  Thus, he is finally open to caring about another, his mate.  It's awesome when this little chick goes toe to toe with the mountain of a man/lion.

She's mine and I'm never allowing her to leave me.  I couldn't survive without her.

For being so scary and distant, it's amazing how loving he really is after his guard is down.  Valiant has the ability to be deep (and blunt).

Valiant moved, climbed up on the bed, and pressed his nose against the mattress again.  Tammy's scent lingered there.  The smell of her terror was strongest there.  He didn't want to move for fear it would fade away.  He had to find her.  
He sensed Justice and Tiger watching him.  
Justice sighed.  "Does it help?"  
"A little,"  Valiant admitted softly.  
"I do not want to live anymore if we don't find her."

It's a great book, and on that note, I'm off to read more.

Laurann Dohner Author Links

About the Author
I'm a full time home 'supervisor' which is a nice word for saying I'm a housewife. I'm married happily, I met my dream guy 20 years ago, and we have 4 children. I live in Southern California and I can't function without iced coffee. I believe in romance, I've always been a daydreamer, and I'm a HUGE fan of books, always have been.

No, I didn't know that I always wanted to write. I inhaled books as a child. I read entire series (Pippi Longstocking, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, Trixie Beldon, The Borrowers, etc) in a matter of days at a time. By the time I was nine years old I had an adult library card where I visited often. I moved on to John Saul, Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Agatha Christie, and then found romance. I was hooked. I wrote poetry in my teens and then moved on to short stories. My first book was started after I read a real bomb of a book that ticked me off with really horrible characters and a plot that was shabby at best and I thought... I could do better. LOL.

I wrote my first book which will probably never see the light of day in the early 90's. I wrote a series of a few books from it. I'm a series fan! I kept writing for fun, wrote MANY books and then in 2009 I decided to try to get published. I wrote my first Sci Fi romance and Ral's Woman came to be. I submitted it and with a little tweaking, Ellorascave sent me an acceptance letter. It was kind of a 'Cinderella' experience for me. It's been a terrific ride so far and I'm really happy that I finally had the time to commit to writing full time. It's a dream come true.


Lingus by Mariana Zapata

"Kat sounds like a porn stage name. Next thing I know you'll tell me your last name is Lips or something." ~ Tristan

Publish date: February 8th 2012


Most people would describe Katherine Berger as a responsible girl with a big heart, a loyal friend who takes care of those close to her, and the possessor of a wicked sense of humor. There was something about her that most people didn't know. "My name is Kat Berger, and I love porn."

When twenty-five-year-old Kat is dragged to a porn convention by her best friend, she's both embarrassed and nervous. The last thing she ever expected was to meet someone who makes her laugh like no other. This is a story about acceptance and friendship, and a love born out of the most unexpected of places.

Buy Links


Hoo boy! I'm usually a cheerful person and like laughing. If a book can make me laugh? That, definitely, is a WINNER for me!
Where to start? We meet Kat Berger and her best friend - well, one of them - Nikki. We find out they're at a porn convention because both of them have favorite male porn stars they want to meet. And so it all begins...

"You aren't a stalker or anything? I guess I probably should have thought about that before telling you my last name."
"Nah, I gave up my stalker days after the last time I got a restraining order against me." 

 Kat meets a mysterious but hot and sweet guy. She pretty much makes a fool of herself a few times but they bond over snorts and hot dogs. She puts two and two together and unfortunately, she doesn't like the end result.

"So, what you're trying to say is that you wouldn't let him fertilize your flower?" Nikki snorted.
Zoey made a stupid noise that sounded like a cough and a choke. "You wouldn't let him hide his salami?"
"Pump gas in your tank?"
"Hibernate in your cave?"
"Catch a ride on the Kitty Kat Express?"
"Tenderize your meat?"
I groaned between laughs. "And I wonder why none of us have steady relationships."

Zoey, the third member of their crazy group is a porn star herself and she knows the hardships of being in the business and trying to have a relationship as well. So, Kat accepts a simple friendship from Tristan but it slowly starts to eat away at her. And as she tries to cope with his career by trying to go on dates and maybe fall for another guy, Tristan gets jealous and well, you'll going to want to read to find out more.

This is one of the most funniest books I've ever read. Between Kat and her crazy group, Tristan and the farting dog, it's snort after chuckle and laugh-out-loud moments. No drama, no annoying characters. Well, maybe Tristan is a bit frustrating but really, he's the perfect blend of hot and sweet. 

I give this crazy book 5 stars. I'll definitely re-read it and I highly recommend it.

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"People make mistakes when they're young, but how they choose to come back from those mistakes is what matters in the end.

Savannah Morgan found true love at a very early age, but one rash decision — one that she would regret for the rest of her life — was all it took to end her relationship with the love of her life.

For seven years, Jeremy Matthews has accepted being "just friends" with the only woman he's ever loved. Finally deciding that enough is enough, Jeremy relentlessly pursues Savannah until he forces her to see just how right they are for each other.

When Savannah's past mistake is revealed, threatening the future she so desperately wants, the fate of their relationship lies in Jeremy’s hands. Will he be able to forgive Savannah, or is the relationship truly over?

When struggles and obstacles threaten the foundation of Savannah and Jeremy's relationship, will they choose to let each other go, or rise from the ashes of the past to claim their happiness?"






Author Bio:

Jessica was born and raised in Texas - where she'll stay because she claims the cost of living in Texas excuses the god-awful weather. She is first and foremost a wife and mother. Because of those two things, she's also a self proclaimed wino and coffee addict.
She's always been an avid lover of all types of books, but romances are her main favourites.
Jessica's husband likes to say reading is her obsession, but she likes to call it her passion...there's a difference.


Every so often while trawling on Amazon or in book groups for new reads you are occasionally lucky enough to find that unexpected little gem, a particular book / author you know is going to be good, this is how I felt after discovering 'Picking Up the Pieces' by Jessica Prince, her debut novel. I really enjoyed it and like many loved Sassy Savannah a supporting cast member so I was excited to read her story 'Rising From The Ashes'. Oh Boy did it not disappoint, I adored it ......... 

Sassy Savannah was an incredibly fabulous,strong, loyal and smart mouthed character in the first book and I wondered where the author would take her on this journey. I laughed out loud, suffered with her, shouted at my kindle and sat looking at the page in disbelief at points.
Jeremy we didn't get to know very well before and I'm so glad he got his own story with Savannah . He drove me demented at points but if a book can give you strong reactions and an emotional rollarcoaster it's doing its job.

So if you love a good story that shows life in a real way with all its flaws, that is about relationships both with friends and lovers, with witty banter, humour and affection in spades then give this one a try. It`s warm and memorable leaving you with a smile long after you've finished.



I LOVED 'Rising From The Ashes'....I finished the book at 6:00 this morning - just couldn't put it down!!!

After meeting Savvy in book #1 in the series I couldn't wait to read her story and find out what the history between her and Jeremy was....
I was taken by them both from the start. I'm a big fan of dual POVs and this gave us a great insight to both characters....

When we first came across Savannah she was the supportive, strong, funny & smart mouthed friend of the group but we soon discover in 'Rising' that there's a lot more to her than meets the eye.
We hadn't seen much of Jeremy in PUTP so we didn't know much about him or why he and Savannah weren't together.... just that there still seemed to be something between them.
Secrets and heartbreak have kept this pair apart for 7 years - they still love each other but could they ever overcome what had happened and get back together?!

'Rising' had me laughing & crying in equal measures. Savvy's stubbornness annoyed me at times (I just wanted her to stop being so hard on herself). Jeremy's determination was endearing but he did a couple of things that ticked me off - saying that, it never stopped me from rooting for them!!!


Once again, we had the supporting cast made up of all of their friends with the introduction of a couple of new faces that I'm looking forward to reading & finding out more about.
I can't wait to see who's next up - am hoping it's Trevor & Lizzy!!!

'Rising From The Ashes' is another well written, captivating story from Jessica and I loved every twist and turn it had me on!!   

Cover Reveal Tattoo, Take It Off series by Cambria Hebert

Tattoo by Cambria Hebert 

(Take It Off #7) 

Publication date: March 10th 2014

Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

***This is a new adult contemporary novel and contains sexual content and graphic language. It is not intended for young adult readers.***

A tattoo gets them in trouble... He will get them out.
After years of cultivating an undercover identity, Brody West is finally off the case and free to live a life of his own. All that time spent in the company of criminals and killers left him a little jaded... and with an identity crisis. He isn't sure who he is anymore, or who he wants to be.
To give him time to think, he takes a few days off to go fishing. On his way out of town, he makes a routine stop at the bank and finds himself flirting with the girl behind the counter. 
But his flirtation is cut short when criminals burst into the bank and shoot her right before his eyes.
In attempt to administer first aid, Brody reveals a tattoo on his upper arm. A mark that will drag him and the girl into the kind of situation he was trying to get away from. But he can't walk away because he's the only thing capable of keeping Taylor alive and bringing down the guys who shot her - guys who are seriously dangerous. 


Author Bio

Cambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series, the new adult Death Escorts series, and the new adult Take it Off series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book. You can find out more about Cambria and her work by visiting

Author Links






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Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander

Shattered Glass Book links
Kindle US
Kindle UK
Kindle CA
Kindle AU

A male prostitute, a mangy cat, a murder and a maniacal mix-up that threatens his career, his impending marriage and his life. Nothing is going as planned for Austin Glass.

Austin — seems to have it all. At least on the surface. A loving fiancee. A future with the FBI and a healthy sized trust fund. He also has a grin and a wisecrack for every situation. But the smile he presents to everyone hides a painful past he’s buried too deeply to remember. And his quips mask bitterness and insecurity. Austin has himself and most of the whole world fooled. Until he meets someone who immediately sees him better than he sees himself.

As events unfold and Austin’s world unravels, he finds himself pushed into making quick life-changing decisions. But can he trust Peter or what’s happening between them when each meeting seems to be just a series of volatile reactions?

I read this book on a recommendation from a friend.  I'm sooooooo glad I did.  I loved it-from the first word to the last.  It contains humor, mystery, drama and so much more.  My description sounds generic, but this story is very unique.

My friend didn't know it at the time, but I was feeling a little depressed over something, and this book was the perfect fix.

The characters are my favorites.  I absolutely adore their personalities.  The inner monologues, the quick one liners, the whitty come backs-just awesome.  I couldn't go to sleep at night because I didn't want to stop reading.

Austin tickled me throughout the book.  I love how everything just slides off his back, and he goes forward full-steam-ahead.  I love the way things work inside his mind and how he has no filter.  He really is a very loving and caring person.  Those near him see through his smart, funny, crude remarks.  And I especially love reading them.

I was definitely not gay enough for that, I decided.

There wasn't enough gay in the world to make me hit that.

Dear, sweet, mother of God.  I was now fully embracing the gay.

Peter was gorgeous.  I love his quiet strength.  For such a young man, he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Even though he was the younger of the relationship, he took the leader roll usually because that was the type of life he previously had to manage.  So in the moments when he did follow, it was even more beautiful.

I also loved the side characters.  Such a wide range, the combination are great, all of them playing off of each other.

"I'm hungry."
"For my cock?"
"Unless you're prepared to have it fried and dipped in marinara before I chew it, I'd think of something else."

"I would just like to throw out there that we can all stop talking about putting things up my ass.  No fly zone.  Do not enter.  No parking."

"Why do you have to be a smartass about everything?"
Because everyone else thinks I'm a fucking dumbass.  I have to do something to prove them wrong."

This is one of the best books I've read.  It will definitely stay with me.

My original fan pic

I highly recommend this book.  Immediately after I finished it, I tried to look up the rest of the series.  I cannot wait for them to come out!

Dani Alexander Author Links

About the Author
The type of books I like to write: I love romance with an edge. A good story with lots of angst and a healthy dose of laughter. My stories will bludgeon you with angst and then make you laugh through your tears (I hope).
I enjoy suspense and my characters often have killers, guns, knives, Albanian women with big hands and/or psychopaths chasing them. Somehow they even manage to have sex during all of that running/investigating. I like writing sex scenes. I love writing sex scenes. But the sex in my stories is never gratuitous.
Speaking of sex, I love kinks. Bondage, masochism, sadism, domination, slave, uniform fetishes, latex, toys. As long as it’s consensual, it’s fair game.
My characters: Quirkier the better. That’s my motto. And lots of flaws. Like me. I’m a giant flaw with one redeeming quality. I won’t tell you what it is. (It’s that I’ve got great fans/readers!)
The vague personal stuff: I’m married. I came out to my husband and he is nothing but supportive. He loves to read my stories and edit, but he refuses to read the sex scenes. This is why I have to read them several times and so does my editor. (I’m totally not making that up…. Really…. totally.)
Also, I have cats. And a dog.
The boring history: I wrote my first story when I was 15 years old. It was a fanfiction RP fic starring me and the lead singer of my favorite band at the time. Needless to say, I burned that when I found it a few years ago. And then I ate the carbon dust. You will never know of my erotic limo rides with Dave Ga- er… I mean…. Nothing to see here. NOTHING TO SEE. Moving on.
After finding that story, the writing bug slipped into my skin and began an itchy reminder to put some words on paper. I couldn’t quite find my way to a story that made sense to me or that made me feel emotionally invested in the characters. Then I found the world of original slash fiction and fanfiction.
Having been a gay rights activist, a PFlag member and finally an out and proud transgender individual, I felt I’d finally delved into a world I both understood and felt inherently part of. The moment I started writing slash (m/m or gay fiction) I couldn’t stop. I wrote my first story – which I will publish for free once I have time to edit it – in a month. The second story came just as naturally, though I took my time and crafted it over the period of a year. It’s my first release called Shattered Glass.
I decided when it was time, that I would self publish my novels. Not that I have a problem with publishing houses. After all I  was a member of Less Than Three press and I buy more books at Amazon, Dreamspinner Press and Samhain than I should. I made the decision to self publish because I wanted control over my story and my cover. I may change my mind and submit later stories to ebook publishers, but for now, I’m all on my own.
Let me know if I’ve made the right decision by reviewing my stories =D.

After reading the book here's a link to an extra scene

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