Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Five Reasons You Should Totally Read Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld Series

Sooner or later, I was bound to bring up these bad boys. Sooner or later, I had to tell you of one of my absolute favorite series out there; one of the best paranormal books ever written! They kept me going, reading when I was barely tipping my toe into the big bookworld - I took my time reading Anne Rice's books - and fed my love for the supernatural. 

Ladies, I give you the badass and immortal Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter and five reasons you should read them.

#1. Big, badass and immortal warriors that used to be part of Zeus's immortal army, thousands of years ago. Until they did something pretty stupid - then again, men and their envy - and Zeus punished them. Each warrior houses a demon, that becomes a part of them and one cannot be separated from the other.

#2. Badass heroines. Of course, one couldn't expect to have something less for these guys. From a human with the power of hearing long-lost conversations, to narcissistic goddesses and harpies, you have them all in these books. 

#3. Greek mythology blends in beautifully with modern times. Since I'm a huge Greek mythology fan, I love this combination very much and not many could pull it off this well, without making you scratch your head and go back, reread things because it's just too complicated and you feel lost. 

#4. Not only do we have the badass Lords, their equally amazing badass heroines and Greek mythology, but we've also got some big bad angels too. A Legion of them. The naughty kind. The ones that don't shy away from walking on the wild side, if need be. 

#5. Speaking of not shying away, Gena doesn't shy away from writing things that can hurt you, make you feel sick - because, unfortunately, there are a lot of bad people out there that are capable of doing sick things to others - but she's also careful to give you all the happy feels. Yup, Gena's style is one I've loved since the very first time I've read The Darkest Night; it has humor, hot scenes and action-packed ones. 

I still haven't read her latest, The Darkest Torment, because I know I'm going to devour it and it will end way too soon. Bookworm logic, I know. 



  1. Loved, loved, LOVED this series!!!! Gena is just a brilliant all her books. sigh

  2. I LOVE GENA as well and like you I have not read torment's sitting on my nightstand tormenting me...but I feel the same as you, once I start I won't stop till it's finished.....and then, well it's finished...


  3. I used to read young adult paranormal. Not anymore. This series introduced me to a whole new world! LOVE THIS SERIES!!!