Thursday, February 16, 2017

Release Blitz Venom & Ecstasy, Venom trilogy by Shanora Williams

Title: Venom & Ecstasy
Author: Shanora Williams/S Williams
Series: Venom Trilogy
Release Date: February 16th 2017


I am much more than meets the eye.
I am stronger, smarter, and I won’t stop until I’m on top.
He thinks he’s safe around me. He’s a fool to believe so.

What would I do if the most wanted man in the world wanted me?
The answer is simple.
Get rid of him before he dares get rid of me.

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by Iza

*Warning: this book is not a standalone. Don't read it without having read Passion & Venom first.*

I'll try not to spoil it because it was too awesome and people should experience it all by themselves.

I'm writing this review assuming you read book one. You know what happened in it; how it ended. You thought P&V was a wild ride, right? So wrong.

Things literally go boom in this one. But before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you, things are more intense. There will be times you'll want to shake some sense into Gia, there will be times you will be shaking your head at Draco's deeds. For a while, it's El Jefe vs. La Patrona and, as Gia herself wonders, who will win?

I loved that Gia still had her fighting spirit, even though she really screwed up in this one. Granted, Draco isn't a good man, he's not easy to tolerate or trust at all. I was torn between understanding her - or trying to - and wanting to smack her upside the head for doing this or that.

As for El Jefe, we see a different side of him - we already caught glimpses of it in P&V - and my heart ached for him, at a certain scene.

I was ready to throw my kindle toward the end and then we were left with another cliffhanger - I knew this, I did, but I'm a sucker for Ms. Williams' writing - and, while certain questions got answered, I can't help but want to see the conclusion.

So, you have it darker, more twisted than book one, but with scenes that will tug at your heart and ones where you'll want to scream at the characters and their choices.

I loved this book, in spite of some things Draco did and am giving it 5 stars. I can't help it, Draco has made my short anti-hero-that-I-love list.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.

Book one is FREE for a LIMITED time!

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 Author Bio

  Shanora Williams is a twenty-something that creates authentic romantic stories that, may or may not, make you question what a "Happily Ever After" truly is. After hitting the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers list at the mere age of nineteen, Shanora ventured further into the creative writing world, working even harder to create unique and memorable romances for all to enjoy.
She currently resides in Waxhaw, North Carolina and is the mother of one amazing boy, in love with her devoted man, and a sister to eleven.
When she isn't writing, she's spending time with her family, binge reading, or running marathons on Netflix while scarfing down anything sweet and salty. 


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