Thursday, September 17, 2015

Anything But Broken, Hurricane Creek #1 by Joelle Knox

Title: Anything But Broken
Series: Hurricane Creek
Author: Joelle Knox
Release Date: August 25th 2015


After five years, tragedy brings Hannah Casey back to Hurricane Creek to bury what’s left of her family. She’s flunking out of college, haunted by scandal, and the only person who cares is Sean Whitlow, an irresistible bad boy with a soft spot for her. The problem? He’s her dead sister’s ex.

Sean doesn’t bleed red, he bleeds motor oil. During the week, he struggles to turn his auto repair shop into a profitable business. But when Saturday night rolls around, he’s the reigning stock-car king of the local race track. He doesn’t know how to lose–or how to walk away and leave Hannah alone with her grief.

Between her grades and her wealthy family’s dark secrets, Hannah’s barely holding her life together. And the last thing Sean needs is to get tangled up with another Casey girl. As the attraction between them spins out of control, they’ll either find a love with no limits–or go up in flames.

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Author Bio

Joelle Knox is, in fact, Kit Rocha and Moira Rogers, a.k.a. Donna and Bree, best friends. 

 As Kit Rocha, they wrote the Beyond series, dystopian erotica. As Moira Rogers, they wrote paranormal romance.


Hurricane Creek series

Anything But Broken #1
Anything But Perfect #2
Anything But Tempted #3

I love Kit Rocha. I love the Beyond series. I knew this would be different; they've let us know of that fact.

So, compared to the Beyond series? This is tame. Not bad, just tame. Well, compared to the O'Kane orgies, I guess pretty much everything is tame, hah! I have to admit, though, it was weird reading a book written by Bree & Donna that didn't have all the wild, uninhibited, free-for-all sex. But the story was good; it managed to pull me in, keep me curious.

Because these characters? They're kind of broken. Not beyond repair, but thanks to rich parents that prefer to keep up appearances, rather than care about their kids, our heroine is pretty damaged. She's holding everything inside her; she can't tell anyone anything because - gasp - what would everyone say?

Sean was sweet and caring, though not perfect. But he was a kid and way over his head - not to mention, in the unknown - so he had no idea of Hannah's family's drama and issues. Everyone had something going on, and by sweeping those problems under the rug, some didn't even make it out alive.

I liked these two characters together; I also liked the side characters and I am honestly looking forward to reading more. We already know which couple is up next so, yes please!

3.5 - 4 stars, good start to a series.

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