Tuesday, November 13, 2018

***New Release*** Reclaiming Izabel by Victoria Paige

Three years ago Izabel Maddox lost the love of her life. Not long after, a cruel twist of fate ripped away the last part she had of him. Grief and devastating loss almost broke her, but she survived. Focusing on building her childhood dream was her lifeline. But just when she thought her heart could move on, her past came barreling back, making her question if the struggles of the past were all for nothing. Three years ago Drake Maddox made the toughest decision of his life. To protect his wife and avenge his brothers, the Navy SEAL faked his death. Injuries and the loss of his team marked his soul, but it was losing Izabel and their unborn child that nearly broke him. Focusing all his time and skills on finding the enemy was his lifeline. Returning to his wife had always been his dream, but reclaiming Izabel might prove to be his ultimate nightmare. Because his wife may never forgive him for betraying their vows.

This story pulled me out of a "same story, different name" book funk. Everything involving the missions and the teams were so well done and very thorough, you knew that the author had done some mad research...and I thank her for it. I enjoyed the story of Drake and Izabel Maddox very much, their love, their pain, their loss, and their recovery made for a great read. Secondary characters were well written with the possibilities of follow up stories on the horizon for at least one...hoping for more please. I started this book and finished within 2 days, it grabbed a hold of me and wouldn't let go. 5 stars!!

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