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Boy Next Door by Emma Clark

Boy Next Door by Emma Clark

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The Blurb
I'd glimpsed the human behind the monster. Now I couldn't go back.
At a busy coffee shop in Houston, Mia meets tall, dark, hot Brandon Levine. 
Brandon's jade-colored eyes captivate her. His smile beguiles her. But what secrets is he hiding behind those eyes and dazzling smile?
Soon she'll discover Brandon's insidious motives and truths that will shock her. 
And just wait till she meets his brother Tyler.
BND - a novel
Themes: Stockholm syndrome, sociopathic behavior, bondage (not role-play), non-con, abduction, dark erotic thriller
WARNING: This book contains controversial themes. BND is NOT for everyone. REITERATION: This book involves offensive content and isn't for everyone. I am not being condescending; I just want to warn anyone who might be triggered emotionally by non-con and dub-con. I do not want my books to upset anyone. 


My Review
This book is not for the faint!  Do not read it if you need a definite good guy ending or if you can't handle rape and torture and most of all mind-fucking.  I was recommended the title by a friend that knows I love truly dark reads.

Boy Next Door is probably the best, truest anti-hero book I've ever read.  Not only does it deal with all of these super taboo subjects and fetishes, but it also contains true psychological disorders.  In most dark reads, even though one of the leads starts out asshole-ish, the reader ends up being won over by later actions.  The lead changes, even though that doesn't condone everything they have done, we still forgive them.  In this book, the lead is pretty mental and probably not quite possible of true change, and many things that happen in the book are just unforgivable.  Yet...the author has totally warped me into having feelings for Brandon!  WTF!!  How did that happen?  Some of the scenes are still bothering me now.  Not all of the worst scenes involve the lead Brandon.  His whole family is pretty fucked up!

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  1. Oh wow. Thank you so much for this and for your review on goodreads. I'm so shocked I don't know what else to say, lol.


    I *would* like to say that I write the kind of books I like to read (cliche but true). There's not enough dark-themed books like this, so I took a stab at it and started BND in February 2013, then finished in April, and was too scared to publish it. :-P I got over it though... obviously.

    Thank you again, Toni!! *hugs* And I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^_^


    1. I so agree with you that there are not enough truly dark books. Thank you for deciding to write! I've read a couple of your books and look forward to more. <3 Thank you for leaving a comment, makes me feel all toasty inside ;)