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Fixated On You by Pamela Ann (from the POV of a #TeamCarter girl)

Fixated on You by Pamela Ann

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Emma Anderson’s career was thriving. Her personal life too—but she knew—it was all a ticking time bomb until everything blows up. What happens then? 

Even if he’s relationship with Emma was going great, Bass Cole still had a long way to go to make amends after the grief he’d caused Emma last year. No matter what the future held for them, he knew one thing—Emma owned his heart. But will his love enough to fight the odds?

Losing the one woman he wanted more than anything, Carter Mason wasn’t ready to move on—or let her go. Even though he and Emma remained friends, deep inside, he longed and hoped to have her all to himself. He knew that Bass’s doom was looming and he’d make sure he’d be there for Emma. 

Both wanted the same woman. 
Both loved her to distraction.
Both made gargantuan mistakes to hurt her. 

After all, wasn’t it all fair in LOVE and WAR?


The Torn Series Reading Order
(books currently out)
1-Scornfully Yours
1.5-Scornfully Hers
3.5-Undeniably Yours
5-Fixated on You
(Planned for release)
5.5-Christmas with You




So...the build up to this book, for those of us who follow the whole Bass/Emma/Carter love triangle, has been a dramatic fight, the battle known as Basswhore vs Carterhookers.  We've all been so opinionated about how we wanted the story to go and so aggressive in defending our men.

Okay, so now I've gotta break it down.

The Backstory -
Emma loves both men.  Both men have did her wrong.  Both men are in love with her.

Oh, Pamela, well done, lovely lady!  I loved it!

This book starts with Bass and Emma back together again.  Things are rocky in their relationship because of Nikki (stupid bitch).  Because of the disharmony, they end up broken up. Again.  Of course Carter is always waiting in background for Emma to return to him.  She did, and I loved it.  I was all Yes! Yes!  But, Bass and Emma are true loves and end up back together in the end.

I love Carter even more after this book, if that was even possible.  What a man!  After one mistake, he has always been there for Emma for everything she needed ever, anytime, anything, anyhow, always.  Emma finds out she's pregnant with Bass's baby, and Carter offers to raise it as his own (because Bass is presumed dead).  He buys a house and baby furniture and sets up a wedding, totally prepared to step into the father and husband rolls.  Emma then drops him like a hot potato, as usual, to go back to Bass.  My heart hurt for Carter.  Yes, you damn Basswhores, I do feel that Emma and Bass were meant to be together, but Carter is my choice.  And out of the 3 of them, I do feel Carter has matured the most of the series.  I cannot wait for Carter's book Damaged to read the rest of his story.

Carter has had my heart since the beginning.  I love his soccer thighs, his sex appeal, his bottomless love...I just hope loosing Emma is a pain he can make it through to the other side without it changing him too much.  I can't wait to see more of him playing soccer (professionally by his book I think) and, I'm sure, having lots of hot sex scenes...and hopefully finally having a HEA.

My original fan pic of Carter Mason

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  1. Love it!! I am a Huge CarterHooker as well.. I have been since the begininng!! I loved Fixated On You, but my heart was broken into a million pieces by the end. Hopefully Carter will find his HEA in Damaged!! He deserves it <3 I have always believe Carter Mason is the HOTTEST thing on the Torn pages!! # CarterHooker2 Always and Forever

    1. You know what I was actually happy for him to not end up with her after she left him the last time. I think he can do better :)
      His HEA needs to be name Toni :D

    2. I loved the book. I, also, want Carter to have his HEA, Glad that Emma is with Bass, I hope they continue to grow and maybe have another chance for children. I want to know about Amber and Brody. But, Carter deserves a HEA with a good woman who will love him for him.

    3. Yeah, Carter needs someone that can love him just for being him without the back and forth. I also want to find out about all the other characters too.