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Review Protecting You by S Donahue

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About S. Donahue

S. Donahue is a Philadelphia based author who penned her romance novel Acquiring Hearts in 2013, which earned her the title Amazon Best-selling Author, and Trusting Hearts in 2014 on an independent basis. She is currently working on the third novel Judging Hearts, set to be released Fall 2014. These books are part of her series titled The Heart Series.
Donahue is also working on a completely new series called The Boston Kirkpatricks. The first book in the series is called Protecting You which released May 2014. The second book in this series is called Locking You and will be released in Fall/Winter 2014. This series shows a different side of Donahue’s work. She decided to give her all and hopes it is very successful.

S. Donahue lives with her husband and their son in the city of Brotherly Love. 

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Where to start? I think I can say I liked it. Joella is a detective and has to go under cover as a stripper to help the owner of said strip club to bring down the bad guys dealing drugs. 
The way they meet is pretty interesting. She moves in and they have to work together but there's instant chemistry, he wants her, she wants him but she doesn't want to want him because of some things that happened to her in the past, determining her to move away and start fresh. 
The story is pretty fast-paced, light read. Not a lot of depth to it, it isn't very complicated. It could have been better but it wasn't bad either because there were scenes that made me chuckle. 
I have to admit that I liked Brendan. Funny, overprotective and goes after what he wants. Though he didn't have to work too hard to get Joella to give in.
When the cat's finally out of the bag there's a 'huh' moment I wasn't expecting to happen.

I give it 3 1/2 stars. 

 A lot of what I thought of this book is a direct copy of what my fellow Diva had to say, except I have to throw in the fact that I felt there was a bit of cheesy-ness going on here. Joella, the cop turned stripper turned lover to Brendan came across as having the worse case of PMS I've ever experienced! One minute she was mad as hell, the next she was hot as hell for him. Not a lot of depth to this story or the characters. And when did we change the spelling of bad to "bahd"?

I think the story had potential, and I'll admit, I had a few eye roll moments, but if you're looking for something quick to pass the time, go for it.

I give it ...

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