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Review of Mai Tai'd by Alice Clayton

Title: Mai Tai'd Up
Author: Alice Clayton
Genre: Romance
Published: December 2nd, 2012 by Gallery Books

Looking for the perfect mix of smart, sexy, and sassy? Mai Tai’d Up continues New York Times bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series, which began with Wallbanger and continued with Rusty Nailed and Screwdrivered.

The gossip mill in the seaside community of Monterey is churning about Chloe Patterson, the newcomer who is starting a sanctuary for rescued pit bulls. It’s rumored that she’s a former beauty queen (true) who ditched her fiancé the morning of their wedding (also true). And that while she’s not looking for a new man, the good-looking local veterinarian has his eye on her. Absolutely, positively true.

When Lucas Campbell isn’t at the family veterinary clinic, he’s paddle boarding in Monterey Bay. Recently single, he’s definitely not in the market for a new relationship, but he still can’t resist taking a second, third, and fourth look at the recent arrival of Miss Golden State.

Neither Lucas nor Chloe has any interest in being tied down. Being tied up, however—now there’s a thought. But are a few Mai Tais, a moonlit night, and the music of Frank Sinatra enough to allow them both to forget their past? Let’s hope Ol’ Blue Eyes knows what he’s doing.

Mix one part tiki, one part kinky, and a splash of old black magic matchmaking, and it’s time to be . . . Mai Tai’d Up.


Mai Tai'd Up (Cocktail, #4)Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I first started the book I was kind of like, oh no, its going to be just like the last book. Inherit a house from a family member, yadda yadda.... I was also a little mad that we werent getting the original characters stories (uh hem, Sophia and Neil) ..Then I started really getting into it, and it turned out a lot different and I wasn't so mad about not getting their full stories, though we get a Cameo.
p.s. I still want their stories

While we know Alice tends to use a lot of the same witt throughout her books, its just what makes an Alice Clayton book...well, just that, an Alice Clayton book.

I really like how she is taking today's events, issues, and ideals and putting them into a romance story form. The last book, the h, Vivien, was lost in romance novels. It was so funny how it played out and we being book lovers, relate to it. In this book, she actually takes an issue close to my heart and home, a pit bull rescue. Unfortunately, its a big issue, and I love that she used it in her story, and brought out the sweet side in it.

As for the characters. Hot mama, Alice speaks to my heart, I too am a softy for a ginger! And Lucas, well he's just perfect in every way possible. As for Chloe, the beginning of the story she's just a doormat. I couldn't relate to her, but as she started growing some lady balls, I began to respect her and grow fond of her.

There are definitely laugh out loud moments in this book. I love AC's sense of humor and writing style. This book flowed very nicely and I read it in one sitting.

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Mai Tai'd Up (Cocktail, #4)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So after seeing that Sam Heughan was the author's muse for Lucas Campbell, I was all—oh, yummy—and even more eager to read.

Chloe has always been the perfect pageant/high society daughter. Her mother manages Chloe's life down to the last detail, setting her up for the finest. Chloe has been living in a fog without real emotions. On the day she is suppose to wed a man she doesn't even love, Chloe mentally snaps out of it and decides to make a change. This change leads to moving away, becoming involved in an pit bull rescue and leaving her old life behind.

Lucas is a lovable and hot third generation veterinarian. He's also into charity work and mets Chloe through their mutual dog-loving passion. The similarities don't end there. Lucas was also dumped at the altar by his beauty pageant fiancé. Their mutual experiences sometimes pull them together and sometimes push them apart.

I found this to be a fun, fairly light read. Nothing too dramatic happens. There's lots and lots of sweet, quite a bit of funny and some delicious sexy. It's a pretty awesome mix. I really truly enjoy this author's writing style.

There's something to be said for being the little spoon. You're tucked in, you're cozy, you're warm and content. Someone is wrapped around you all night, not protecting you, necessarily, but if a zombie were to come in through the window, the chances are the big spoon gets it first, right?

I had a great time reading this story, and I recommend it. It has a feel good, mood elevating plot.

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