Tuesday, November 17, 2015

RELEASE DAY BLITZ ~ Gargoyle by Scarlett Dawn

Title: Gargoyle
Series: Woodland Creek
Author: Scarlett Dawn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
 Release Date: November 15, 2015


A shifter made of stone. And wings.

A human bent on free love. And drunk.

A joke could be made with those two lines.

But the town of Woodland Creek, it's no laughing matter. Hostile and magical residents guard their secrets. It's too easy to be found out.

When Isaac Stone first meets Kennedy Kirk, he's tempted to shove her off the clock tower. After all, she is gripping his private parts to lean over and see his town. One little push is all it would take...

Isaac never anticipated he'd be the one to fall.



Hot and intense!

Though, I thought somethings moved a bit quickly, I really did enjoy this story. 

Isaac is delish!! I liked the whole shifters and wizards theme/rivalry going on and add to that a shifter hunter, makes for some drama!

 Isaac steals the show, but Caleb (a wizard), in his mysterious ways, was one of my favorite characters.

There are plenty of plot twists to keep you on your toes in suspense and not too much angst, though you're going to love to hate Jonathon.

 Did I mention its pretty hot?
It almost read as a super sexy YA book, it was kind of strange, but in a good way.

This is my first Scarlett book, and it seems there's a bunch of other books in this "world".
 I didn't feel too lost not having read any of those, though I'm interested to see what they are.

P.S. The Gargoyle is f*cking bad@ss when he shifts in and out.

I give this a 3.75 Isaac is sexay stars

**given as an ARC for my honest review**

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Author Bio

New York Times bestseller and award-winner, Scarlett Dawn is the author of the Forever Evermore new adult fantasy series, the Cold Mark new adult science fiction saga, and the Lion Security contemporary series.

She lives in the Midwest, adores her music loud, and demands her fries covered in melted cheese.

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