Friday, February 26, 2016


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My resurrection, they call it. They have no bloody idea. Shipwrecked and lost, left for dead, Abandoned by my own family. Drugged and addicted. My wife saved me, brought me home. I didn’t even know I had a wife—can I trust her? I know I want her. Desperately. We are two of a kind—the manipulated, the tossed off, the rejected. Bitter disappointments, painful secrets, age-old jealousies are my new shipwreck, and my wife my new opium. Is satisfaction to be found in revenge or revenge in satisfaction? One thing I do know, without each other we’re both doomed. A sensual 18th century tale of deception, revenge, and two souls hungering for love and absolution.
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Cat Porter was born and raised in New York City, but also spent a few years in Europe, Texas and the suburbs along the way. As an introverted, only child, she had very big, but very secret dreams for herself. She graduated from Vassar College, was a struggling actress, an art gallery girl, special events planner, freelance writer, and had all sorts of other crazy jobs all hours of the day and night to help make those dreams come true. She has two children's books traditionally published under her maiden name. She now lives in Greece with her husband and three children, and freaks out regularly and still daydreams way too much. She is addicted to old movies, the History Channel, her iPad, her husband's homemade red wine, really dark chocolate, and her Nespresso coffee machine. Writing keeps her somewhat sane, extremely happy, and a productive member of society.
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