Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review ~ Sass by Laramie Briscoe


I, Cassandra Straight, have loved Reed Shamrock to distraction since I was a teenager. I even watched him fall in love with someone else and almost get married.

A year ago, when he walked into his house and found his fiancĂ©'s face in his best friend’s crotch, his life changed forever and it hasn’t been the same since.

On his first night out since the horrible incident, we run into the ex-skank. Seeing the devastation in his eyes, I made a promise that I would help him get over her. I told him that a pretend relationship between us would work. It would help him move on.

I didn’t count on my heart or his getting in the way. And I sure as hell didn’t count on not being able to tell when pretend turned to reality. When it all implodes, the only thing left is the truth.Sometimes though, the truth? It hides and we have to dig deep to find it. To make it come to the surface, we have to give it a little talking to. We have to give it a little Sass.


Holy cow, throw in a few different plot twists, and character professions, and I’d think this book was written by taking a chapter out of my past!!

Cassandra “Sass” Straight is just what her name says. A sassy, take no prisoners, hold nothing back kind of girl. She knows what she wants when she sees it, and she’s wanted her brother’s best friend for a whole lotta years! So when the opportunity arises to assist in some innocent revenge against his lying, cheating, selfish ex-fiance what’s a girl to do? Grab that opportunity and ride it like a champion bull, that’s what ya do!!!! I loved Sass. I loved her attitude. I loved that she protected the people in her life who meant the most while not letting herself be walked upon. I loved that she overcame a terrible loss when she was young and didn’t let it wreck her.  And I loved her fierce desire to go after what she wanted even when it may have not seemed the wisest choice to everyone else.

Reed Shamrock. What an all encompassing sexy man. Shall we go down the list?

Successful business owner.
Good looking.
Great body.
Great personality.
Demanding alpha sex god in bed.

WHEW! He’s hot! But he comes with some baggage. Namely the above mentioned ex-fiance that deserves a shovel to the head (my opinion only).

As much as I liked Sass and Reed separately I loved them together. They worked. They were the ying to each other’s yang (that always sounds so dirty when I hear it). Feeding off of each other to create a comfortable place for them both to grow which is what a successful relationship should be.

I’ve enjoyed the writings of Laramie Briscoe for a long time and she continues to be one of my favorite go to authors with this book. I give it 5 stars

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