Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Arcana Rising by Kresley Cole

4 Stars

Gah......this series is slowly killing me; all the endings that just make me want more right away! That being said, it's my favorite installment thus far. This starts up right where Dead of Winter left off, with Evie being whisked away by Aric after Richter's devastation is wrought. The big questions everyone is asking is "Did Jack survive?", but I'm not telling because no matter the answer, it would be a spoiler for the rest of the story.

We meet a couple of new Arcana this time around, some may be friends and some are definitely foes. Aric made good on his promise and he does have Evie's Gran; I'm not quite sure about Gran....there are some things she says that make me wonder about her intentions. Evie's powers seem to be acting up a bit, although she's not sure why...they seem to come and go with little clue as to what's hampering them.

The title and cover for book 5 are at the back of this book, and I freaking love it! That being said, spring won't be soon enough....because yet again, we end on a "oh, hell" moment.

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