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Rebecca Young’s life is suffocating. It consists of seedy motel rooms and drug deals. With no hope for a future, she is constantly running from her past and the clutches of Robert Reed, the man who abducted and tortured her.
FBI agent Colby Turner has watched her struggle for nine long months and he’s done waiting. Taking control, he moves her into his house and waits patiently for the time to move her into his bed, too.
While at The Black Door, a BDSM Club, Becca finds herself awakening desires she buried long ago. Colby uses her sexual cravings and natural submissiveness to his advantage.
As their passion heats up both in and out of the club, so does Becca’s past. When an acquaintance is killed as a message for her, Becca is forced to confess her deepest secrets.
Can they work through them to build a life together, or will Robert find her before they have the chance?


The only conversation in the car was letting me know which turns to take. Left. Straight. On ramp. Off ramp. Right. On ramp. I had driven for nearly an hour before I noticed we weren’t going anywhere. Deciding I had enough, I pulled into a gas station and turned to look at him.
“What’s your name? Your real name?” I asked him.
“Are you into real names now? Tell me, should I keep calling you Rebecca. Or maybe Becca? What about Miss Young or Mrs. Turner? Or the almost Future Mrs. Williamson. There was another in there, too. Can’t remember but it doesn’t matter, does it? It’s just a name.” My skin felt tight as he talked about me. He knew me.
I had no clue who he was, and he knew me. “Nice parking, by the way. Right in front of the video camera. Now if I raise the gun, it will be recorded. But then again, to shoot you, I don’t need to raise my hand. A bullet will go through the seat just fine.”
“What do you want from me?”
“Everything. Nothing. I don’t even know. You are the golden egg. So many promises can be filled for you, but I can’t decide which one to pick over the others.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“Of course, you don’t. They probably have not told you shit about the investigation. Do you know who is all involved?”
I shook my head. Knowing some but not wanting to give him information he might not have.
“Alex, Mitch, Calvin, Colby, Josh - or Sledge as you know him - Adam, Diana, even Jackson to some degree is involved. More, too, but those are the guys you know. And you know your parents helped out before, so why wouldn’t they be helping now?”
I watched him waiting. Wanting to know what else he knew.
He kept going. “They are all sharing information trying to track down Robert and whoever else is involved.” He stared at me waiting for some reaction he thought I should have.
I said nothing.
“I thought you were a smart girl, Rebecca. What information do they have to go over? What did they recover from the cabin? From Mark’s house? From the warehouse? Probably from the Williamson’s?”
“I don’t know. DNA samples.” I was fighting to keep my breathing normal. I had been free for ten months now. Ten months and I was finally finding me again. I didn’t look over my shoulder constantly. I wasn’t afraid of facing Robert anymore. I wasn’t scared of the truth coming out and being arrested for the deaths I had caused as an act of mercy.
“Rebecca, you’re thinking like a nurse. Think like a detective for a minute. What would the guys working the scenes find at those places that they would have to spend hours reviewing?”
“I don’t know. There were body fluids and blood, and all kinds of stuff with DNA.” I wiped at my eyes trying to stop the tears.
“Right, but what else. What about Mark’s house? The Williamson’s? What about the room for auction?”
“There was a staging area and chairs. A mic and…Oh, God. No.” I sucked a breath. It hurt like tiny little needles.


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I thought the first 3 chapters were amazing. Totally gripping. She went dark and I loved it. The Black Door, you learn in the first book, what the club is really all about, and who started it. 
The same son of a bitch who steal woman to be abused and sold.
 Money signs. 

Becca is taken in book 1. This book continues on after her ordeal. She struggles with drugs and flashbacks. I think Massey did an awesome job with the flashbacks too. I felt like it was me having them. You could really feel Becca's struggle going into the book. I really like what she did with her character. 

Let's talk about Colby now. FBI agent, deals drugs for Intel on human trafficking. He has a personal vendetta and he is doing all he can to nail all these guys head to the wall. He's as alpha and protective as they come. And their scenes?? oh their scenes are h-o-t, hot. Colby sure knows what the heck he's doing.

They're were a few times I did get a little "lost" I'm the story. Sometimes it didn't flow as well as the rest of the book. Some things I am scratching my head over, but I am pretty sure that will all come to light in the 3rd and last installment, The Bronze Door. 
Which I'm kind of hoping will have more Jackson and Calvin (hint hint) 

I give this book a 3.5 stars
**given as an arc for my honest opinion, even though it may be a drunk one**

The Black Door (Door Trilogy #2)The Black Door by J.L. Massey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is darker than the first one. The entire series centers around a group of BDSM clubs, a human trafficking ring and the FBI. In the first, it mostly focuses on the club, getting us used to the lifestyle, introducing us to the characters. The lead is almost abducted. There's a meńage between two men and woman. In this book, the lead was abducted and is now trying to survive the experience. Abuse, death, torture and flashbacks play their parts in the storyline.

The series has several couples and singles with active scenes, but the main romantic focus in this book is Colby and Rebecca. Colby is a member of the BDSM club and FBI. He has a mix of business and pleasure going on in the book. Rebecca is in recovery from everything that happened to her. At first she was totally gone from her usual manner, but Colby is working to bring her back to herself.

Things that I didn't like were that I didn't follow some parts well. It's a very busy plot. Sometimes I couldn't understand the connection between scenes, the cause and effect, why things went the way they did, why characters made certain decisions.

I liked this story much better than book one. The action and excitement as well as danger and darkness all sparked my interest more. Both have mystery elements. You have to figure out who's really a bad guy in disguise and what everyone's motives are. The sex is hot. Also, the Chad scene made me emotional. Another thing I like about this series is all the free love. There are opposite and same sex scenes in both books. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. I hope to see more M/M action. :)

3.75 stars

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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