Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Never Judge a Book by It's Cover~ A buddy review by Stephanie and Karima

Let's start with this cover...

It is H-O-T, Hotttttt!!!!

So hot, we decided to post it for continuous scroll for your


It's what drew me in in the first place. 

Karima says: "He can punish me whenever he wants."

Then the blurb. I was like, that's messed up, let's read it. 

"A predator's intention......

It is my intention to cause you fear such as you have never known. It is my desire to take your fear to a whole new level of terror. I can smell your fear as its sweet scent flows through my universe. This small universe that I have created and am permitting you to exist in. I say these things because you only exist right now because I have allowed it, for if I should choose, I could snuff you out as if extinguishing a candle flame.

I will make you thank me later for allowing you to breathe.

I will mix you a concoction of fear, pain, uncertainty, and arousal such as you have never known. You see, my curious little prey, these all create very similar physical reactions. My little prey, they have common traits on the emotional side too.

Curious prey, curious prey, let me growl my intentions into your curious ear. I will keep you in a constant state of fear, pain, uncertainty, and arousal. I know exactly what I am doing; I am a skilled and professional predator.

It is my full intention to own you! I will keep you in a constant emotional whirlpool. This is the universe of my making, and you exist in it by my power and by my choice. I want you in a constant state of fear, physical discomfort, pain, uncertainty, and arousal.

I am purposely blurring the lines between your emotions, and your physical sensations. As I do this, I am creating a desire and a craving within you to be manhandled and taken by me.

I am intentionally working you into a state of intense arousal and desperation. I am conditioning you to crave your new life as my prey...

This is not romance. It is the story of two extremely damaged people in a very dysfunctional relationship. Whether you would view their relationship as love, or not--I can't say. What I can say as the author, is that Trent and Kansas demanded a voice. They demanded that their story be told and I have been faithful in telling it. Their story is one of dark, twisted, and chaotic passion. I have remained true to them and for that I hold a special place in their heart, and they most definitely hold a sacred place in mine."


The first 40% of this book is fantastic. The h is crazy, the H is

 definitely crazy, but the 3rd person, Dr. Winslow, maybe the 


The story is told from 3 different POV's, Kansas, Trent (The 

Executioner), and the "quack". It's kind of neat being in each 

ones head, it adds depth to the story. It was so intriguing, you

 weren't sure what was really going on. Karima and I had

 many-a-theories. Is it dreams, memories, drugs?? You just

 weren't quite sure and the mystery of it sucked you in. 

It isn't until that 40%, where she is taken to The 

Executioner's home and is "forced" to write "bedtime stories"

 that it looses intensity. 

You get pushed into her side stories

 and loose the main focus. 

Then all of a sudden he (Executioner)

 has "blood brothers" that he served in the forces with that he

 calls upon to help deal with the crazy Doc. 

Once they arrive to the location of their rescue mission and

 find the girl that the crazy doc stole, they come to 

realize  they're all the "same" (crazy,

apparently), and the story just ends. 

Now, this may not have been a problem if the story wasn't so

 short and there was more time for a background on 
these characters. Instead, the author just threw things out 
randomly, to add to the story, which in the end hurt it. The
 writing seemed "childish" and made it a little bit "cheesy"

Between the cover, blurb, and the first part of the story, We 

would have given it a 4+ stars, after that we have to give it 

about a 3 ((but probably closer to a 2)). 

We recommend that you should make up your 

own story for this cover ;)

~This is a combined review by Stephanie and Karima


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    1. WE TRY!!! :p Can't help but be silly about it. The last 60% was a joke. Thankfully it was only 122 pages or I would have never made it