Friday, February 6, 2015

Review The Secrets That We Keep by Isabel Lucero

Title: The Secrets That We Keep
Author: Isabel Lucero
Series: Standalone
Release Date: August 9th 2013


Julian and Annabella Rivera have been married for three years. To anybody who knows them they are the perfect couple; happily in love and made for each other, but Annabella has been keeping a secret. A secret she wants to keep from everybody, especially her husband.

When Julian, a FBI Investigative Specialist, begins working late nights, receiving mysterious phone calls and cryptic messages, Annabella worries she may not be the only one keeping secrets.

With her husband’s sudden change in behavior, the feeling that she’s being watched and the unexpected arrival of someone from her past, Annabella decides she needs to do some investigating of her own.

When secrets begin to emerge, will she be able to handle them? Will she be able to finally confide in someone about what happened all those years ago? Or will the ugly truth be too much to handle?

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Author Bio

Isabel Lucero is the author of the romantic suspense novel The Secrets That We Keep and the bestselling erotic romance books in The Escort Series; Living in Sin, Unforgivable Sin, and Sins & Mistrust. 

She was born in a small town in New Mexico and was lucky enough to escape and travel the world thanks to her husband's career in the Air Force. She's been married for eleven years to the love of her life and Jr. High School sweetheart, and together they have two of the best and most beautiful kids in the world.

Isabel's love for reading is anything but new, she's been reading since before she was a teenager. She started reading books by Mary Higgins Clark and James Patterson before being catapulted into the indie author world thanks to a little somebody named E.L. James.

She currently lives overseas and is working on a couple new standalone novels. Isabel loves connecting with her readers and fans of books in general. You can find her on


The first thing that caught my eyes was the cover. The second thing was the blurb. But what kept me glued to my kindle was the story itself.

We see from the very beginning that Julian and Annabella have a happy marriage, still in the honeymoon stage. I have to say, I was smitten with Julian from the very first scene, where he was sitting on a chair, outside on the back porch and smoking. This may put off some people, but not me. The way he was described made me melt in my seat.

But it's also clear that it's going to be a book that keeps me on my toes. And keep me on my toes, it did. I was pulled in, from the very first pages, until the end. I read it in one sitting. I can't remember the last time I did that with a book. It was getting late, but I couldn't put it down. I didn't want to. I wanted to know why Julian was acting strange, all of a sudden, and what Annabella's secret was. 

We get teased a lot - hence, why it drove me crazy - and I was feeling so many things! I either wanted to melt because of Julian - he's a dirty talker, ladies - or I was cursing him. I honestly lost count of the times I said, "Damn it, Julian." Stephanie and Karima can both confirm this. The man was driving me crazy. Both good and bad ways. And then, there was a boom that stunned me stupid, and of course that I had to find out if THAT was true or not. 

I'm ashamed to admit that I doubted my poor Julian. Yes, he's certainly made it onto my BBF list. Second place, along with three others. Don't judge, we're all book sluts. 

"In my world full of chaos, frustration, anger and darkness, you are my moonlight. In my darkest moments it is your light that guides me to see."

And this is just a SNIPPET of the things he says to Annabella. Lucky woman. 

5 stars for this brilliant book that I shall have on my shelf because I'll be rereading it. I know I'm two years late to the party, but this has to be the best book I've read this year, so far. It has made it onto my Best of 2015 list. Yes, I know we're in February. Read the book and you'll see. 

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