Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review Strength from Loyalty, Lost Kings MC series by Autumn Jones Lake

Title: Strength from Loyalty
Author: Autumn Jones Lake
Series: Lost Kings MC
Release Date: March 17th 2015


ROCK & HOPE part three.

Struggling attorney, Hope Kendall loves her outlaw, biker boyfriend, Rochlan “Rock” North with all her heart, but the questionable activities his motorcycle club are involved in are about to threaten the legal career she’s not even sure she still wants.

Rock finally has the support of all his officers to bring Hope deeper into the inner circle of the Lost Kings MC. When his offer to have the club help her out of her legal predicament is met with hostility, he’s once again forced to question whether they are able to make their drastic differences work for the long haul.

A near death makes any squabble seem insignificant, but puts a cloud over their future. And while Rock has been working hard to give Hope the honesty she craves, one secret she’s been keeping all along, may finally drive them apart for good.

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 I am ashamed it took me this long to read but time was not my friend.

This is a perfect continuation to the series, to everything that is Rock and Hope; problems that are not solved easily and choices that have consequences. I love that I can imagine their story in real life.

And the bits and pieces I got of Wrath were pretty damn awesome and really, Autumn, you dropped that bomb and all I'm thinking about is, "WHAT announcement?" I'm thinking of a thing that was kinda hinted at and I sure hope that is it! Of course, we'll know when we'll finally get his and Trinity's story. Which cannot be soon enough.

I also loved that we got to see more of the other members and their so-called relationships - some are more complicated than others, hoo boy - and really, Autumn will deliver them all perfectly. She didn't fail with Rock and Hope. I know she'll do all of them justice.

I want to thank Autumn for a copy given in exchange of an honest review; these characters are near and dear to me, and I'll always want more of them.

5 stars. No doubt about it.

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