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Iron & Bone (Book #3 Lock & Key Series)
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Release Date: December 29, 2015

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A knife that cut too deep,
a slash that still burns,
failures piled high and flammable.
I held my losses at bay with knives, with guns, my hands,
my bike, my brothers,
my iron will.
But not my heart.
No, my heart was the flame
that would light the match,
ignite the blaze.
I am the enforcer
The killer when called upon,
the ruthless hound on demand,
the one who cleans the mess left behind.
The protector.
I can make you bleed,
Smash you to pieces.
But she smashed all my excuses,
and I shattered hers.
For a split second she was mine,
but I will always be hers.
Some things,
really beautiful things,
you can’t hold onto forever.
Dear Boner,

Let me start with how much I fell for you, when I first met you in Lock & Key. You were a secondary character but, oh baby, did you outshine everyone! I wanted to know more, so much more about you and I did. In Random & Rare, we get to see you from Dig's POV, we get to know how he felt about you, how much he loved you and cared about you. And nobody can blame him. You're his brother and you're loyal. You're amazing. 

But in Iron & Bone? Sure, you pissed me off a bit, at the beginning, less than the first half of the book because, for some odd reason, you decided to play martyr and that you don't deserve all that it's best. I have to say, I strongly disagree. So, when you finally pulled your head out of your amazing derriere, you. Made. Me. Swoon! Ovaries went boom whenever you played with Jill's little girl, I had to fan myself whenever you played with Jill's... well, you know what. 

My heart broke for you when you told Jill and us your story, I just wanted to pull you to my bosom and never let go. Because you, dear sir, are my absolute favorite wanderer, my gypsy biker, my Bohemian soul-mate. 

I mean I have to agree with Jill on this one,

"My sinful fantasy, my wicked addiction, my secret crush, my delusion."

I also wanted to shake some sense into you toward the ending because WHAT were you thinking?! But, no worries, because the ending... Oh, the ending! 

Boner, I love you. That is the absolute, naked truth. 

Forever thine,

Thy gypsy & Bohemian soul-mate.

4.5 stars I have been on pins and needles all year anxious to get my hands on Boner and Jill’s story. I have made no secret of how much I love this series. With the way Cat uses words, the setting, depth, and rich characters it is one of the best biker romance series out there. So that being said, while I enjoyed Iron & Bone it didn’t dethrone my top read of 2015 Random and Rare.

Iron and Bone picks up a few weeks after Random and Rare ended. Jill is now carrying Grace and Lock’s baby via surrogacy, being a good mom to Becca, and living with Rae. Jill is happy in her situation and looking forward to her future, but she still feels it is all very temporary and not sure what will happen after the baby is born. 

Boner and Jill have been fighting their attraction since she arrived in town. We finally get a few glimpses into their past interactions through Dig. Although Boner doesn’t think he should have Jill the problems from her past force him to declare Jill his “Old Lady”, and once his choice is made he doesn’t step back. 

I can’t really delve into the story in my review due to spoilers so I will just mention a few likes/dislikes. My favorite thing in this book was the Victoria’s Secret scene, it was just all kinds of WOW!! It wasn’t just what happened, it was all the freaking sexual tension that EXPLODED in that scene. Well done Cat and thank you for the lady boner!!

I absolutely loved Jill going for what she wanted sexually, she rocked!! We don’t see many heroines that do this in books. They all wait for the man to make the move but every time Jill pushed Boner I was cheering for her. I also loved how sassy Jill was and how Boner fell in love with little Becca. I think Boner needed that lightness in his life. 

I did feel like things weren’t quite explained well or fleshed out. The back and forth between Jill and Boner over the “old lady” status frustrated me with Jill a bit. Boner’s past was as dark as I expected it to be and surprising too. I do think the issues with Ines were focused on a bit too much so it took focus away from Jill and Boner. I feel like it was to make the Calderon aspect fit in but it just didn’t work for me. For me the issues with Calderon and the Blades wrapped up too fast.

All that said I would highly recommend I&B if you are fan of this series. There are lots of wonderful things to be discovered in this book and it's a great addition.

Now we wait for Butler’s story and Cat leaves us with some major questions as to where his story will go. I can’t wait!!!


**My review contains Lock & Key and Random & Rare spoilers**

Jill is now several months pregnant. She is carrying Grace and Miller's baby as a surrogate. A move that earned her massive loyalty and respect from Grace's bff, Boner. Jill didn't have the most welcome introduction to the club. She was saved by Dig many years ago but when she tried to pay her respects to Dig's widow, Grace, she was turned away by Boner at every attempt. I liked that we got a few of those scenes.

But Jill is no stranger to the life as an old lady. She was Catch's woman and he is Becca's father. But she got shot of him and moved to Meager to stay with his sister, Tania, and his mom, Rae. I loved how Boner was with Becca. Her calling him Bo-Bo was adorable. I also liked how Jill wasn't afraid to go after what she wanted. She wanted Boner and made sure he knew it. Of course, Boner is attracted to her but Jill isn't a 'hit it and quit it' kind of girl and he's not sure how to handle it.

We get quite a bit of Boner's background - his mom's death, his first love, his introduction to crime. But I really would have liked more scenes with Boner's stint in juvie. Particularly since that's where he met Dig. In fact, I would have liked more scenes in general of Boner's past with Dig. But I would like scenes with Dig all day, every page. That's just me. Lol.
 photo ironandbone_zpsbwujpfzw.jpg
A new thorn in the One-Eyed Jacks' side is introduced and concluded in this book. It actually had me questioning why Boner didn't deal with this sooner.

I also liked Butler's role. He's been clean for a year and I like his confident, take charge attitude. I'm looking forward to his book.

The epilogue was brilliant. Jill's gift to Grace and Miller is beyond words beautiful. I was so emotional. Iron & Bone didn't knock Random & Rare from the number one spot but it's definitely a worthy book in the series. Well done!


I’ve been excited for Jill & Boner’s book since the end of Random & Rare. The book picks up a few weeks after the conclusion of R&R, with Jill being the surrogate for Grace & Lock’s baby. Jill is living with her daughter’s paternal grandmother, helping Rae with day-to-day living, as Rae was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Jill wants her daughter to know her grandmother, despite that fact that Becca’s father (Catch) doesn’t seem interested in that happening.

Both Jill and Boner seem to want to build a relationship, but Boner is still hiding from his past and Jill isn’t sure she wants to be an “Old Lady” again, especially after the way things went with Catch. Things happen (not going to spoil that for you!!), which push Boner into declaring Jill as his. She believes it’s more for her protection than Boner truly wanting her. She learns fairly quickly that Boner did it for both reasons.

While I did really enjoy the book overall, I did have some issues that left me questioning what exactly happened. We learn about Boner’s past, although not nearly as in-depth as I would have liked. I felt that Boner’s past with Ines was maybe overemphasized and took away from his and Jill’s story, just a bit. The ending with Calderon and the Blades seemed to wrap up a lot more quickly than I was anticipating. And this is all on me…..I was expecting more of his and Dig’s friendship and what truly made them see each other more as brothers than just as friends.

I enjoyed the epilogue….so much happiness there and that left a big, fat smile on my face. It left me with some questions, though….but maybe I’ll get those answers in Butler’s book. All-in-all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it; it just didn’t WOW me as much as Lock & Key and Random & Rare.

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