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REVIEWS - SOME KIND OF PERFECT by Krista & Becca Ritchie


Well I have to do a special blog post for Some Kind of Perfect because several of us love it. I devoured the series last year and soon after I got my friends Jessica, Angie, and Amy on board. I think it's safe to say we all love the series and are sad to see it end but we are pretty excited for the Like Us series. If you haven't started the Addicted/Calloway series yet give it a chance. If you have read book one and didn't continue or the blurb for book one and thought " sex addict and alcoholic that is too angsty or it's not my thing" please look beyond that. This is a series about family, love, loyalty, and friendship. It covers so many topics from sex addiction, alcoholism, gender equality, and PTSD; it has it all. These people are complex and they go beyond the labels that they are given by society. I don't think I have read another series with better character development and it was worth all the hours I spent reading. This is hands down the best NA series I have ever read. Start it now, you won't regret it. - Shanda

Some Kind of Perfect is now available! So this is the perfect time to start the #AddictedSeries! *wags eyebrows*

9 books + 1 epilogue novel. 
6 friends. 
3 couples. 
1 continuous timeline where every book affects every character.

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Amy's Review
To keep from revealing any spoilers, I'll keep this fairly short and sweet. This epilogue book is perfection; we get to see all of the gang again, not to mention that all the kids are growing up. The little glimpses we get into everyone's lives was just what I wanted to read about. We see our favorite couples adjusting to parenthood and I can't help but admire how the kids are turning out. I really can't wait for the Like Us series, because a these kids have won me over already. An excellent conclusion tot he series, even though I'm sad to see these characters go.

5 Stars

Angie's Review

By far one of the best finales ever. It was so detailed with so many povs it could have easily gotten away from the authors. But the Ritchies were in complete control. The Cobalts would have been proud.

I took my time reading this. I knew it would be an emotional ride (it was!) and I wanted to savor it.

Not only did the Ritchies give us a worthy send off for LiLo, Coballoway, and Raisy, but they also did an excellent job setting up the books for the next generation. It had to be hella tough giving 13 +/- kids unique personalities that we'd all adore. But mission accomplished. I'm looking forward to meeting them again when they're older.

If you've made it this far you're obviously a fan and you'll equally love Some Kind of Perfect. If you're curious about the series please give it a chance and pick up Addicted to You. You won't be sorry.

Simply amazing. I loved every word. Bravo!

5 Stars

Shanda's Review

I really don’t have adequate words to describe how much I loved SKoP and how much I love the Addicted/Calloway series. I tried to read this as slowly as I could because I knew it would break my heart for this to end. The Ritchie sisters exceeded my expectations with this finale. SKoP covers 10 years in the lives of our beloved 3 couples; Lilo, Coballoway, and Raisy. It did not disappoint, and there were so many fabulous scenes and quotes I couldn’t possibly cover it all.

I loved how each span of time covered a birth of a child and I can’t wait to see these kids all grown up. It was a great to see that the couples were still growing and are now helping their children navigate fame. The real standout for me in this book was the Lilo POV. Even faced with a few new hurdles you can really see how strong they have become and how good they are together. This holds true for all the couples but in SKoP I really adored the Lilo POV.

This series will forever be on my all-time favorites list. It is very hard to say goodbye and I am already planning on an audio re-read at some point down the road. For me this is a big deal because I am not really a person that re-reads. If nothing else that should tell you this series is incredible to me. As several have noted if you have made it to SKoP you are already a fan so I am sure you will love this book. If you haven’t started the Addicted/Calloway series what are you doing with your life? Please give it a chance!!

I was already excited for the Like Us series but after meeting all the kids in SKoP I am impatiently waiting Damaged Like Us. I am extremely impressed at how the authors have managed to give 13 kids such unique personalities. I can’t wait to see them go through the ups and downs of life. It has to be a daunting task to tackle but I have complete faith that the Ritchie girls will do amazing things with their stories. At this point I will read anything these two write and I am looking forward to more epic reads from them in the future. 5+++ Stars

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