Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Entangled by Lex Valentine

Entangled (Love is always Write) by Lex Valentine

A rainy night brought him to me. Now, he sits nude, (wrapped in the smallest blanket I found) nursing a brandy and telling me his life story. Which I’m not really listening to, since I’m busy planning the way to make this straight buddy bend for me – or vice versa, I really don’t care, as long as we end up tangled and satisfied. Please, don’t think I’m a selfish jerk, because my crush on him is epic.


Meet Dare and Tay

Daren Brentwood

Taylor Colby Sutton-Jones

This is a funny and short M/M read, dealing with two best friends, Dare being all out of the closet and proud of who and what he is, and Taylor, who isn’t. Out of the closet, that is.
They meet and Dare falls in love with the seemingly straight Taylor, but thinking he has no chance in hell of being with Taylor, he gets into a relationship with Stone. The latter and Taylor form a band, along with other members.

Five years later, Dare gets the surprise of his life after a Stone Sutton concert, when he finds Taylor standing cold and wet in the rain, outside his house.

Dare made me laugh from the beginning, from the simple description of his partner, Wes. I was also pleasantly surprised by Taylor and how wickedly funny he can be. Taylor and his porn star cock *snort*

It’s cute and funny and although it’s short, there are no loose ends left to the story, it ending in a happy-ever-after. I love a HEA.

Oh but I do hope we’ll get more of Stone and Wes. Wondering how that happens? 

Read Entangled. You won’t be sorry. 

When a friend posted Free reads from Amazon, I with my 1-click addiction, of course clicked away.  The blurb read like this may may a very good book.  Holy Shit, this book was phenomenal.   This is a short story from a Goodreads promotion, with letter and photo for authors to write a short story about.

“Photo Description: A close-up of a man with long curly hair standing in the rain.”

This book drew me in from the first page, and I laughed basically through the whole novella.   

This story moved me from, Taylor telling Daren who he really was to telling Daren that he had had been in love with him for 5 years.  

Some of the best “Virgin” quotes can be found within this book.  From “Taylor’s ass was Cherry” to Besides, you can’t be in charge of your own cherry popping.  Its..its.. unprecedented.” 

The chemistry between these two friends is so sweet and hot.  

The story itself is only 46 pages but you will be Entangled  with Daren and Taylor for days after you finish.

Favorite quotes:

“Fuck my cherry ass.”

“I don’t have a problem flying my rainbow flag.  I just don’t want everyone staring at my flagpole.”

This book is short and sweet. I wish it was a bit longer, only because I need more Dare and Tay!

Unrequited love is the worst. I can imagine what both men were going through. One hiding himself because of his father, the other hiding because he thought the other was straight. Being best friends at the same time is a really hard thing to do with that secret in between you, and the put up with it for 5 years. 

Finally!! They break through. 

There are a so many one liners in here from each man Either they made me laugh or they made me swoon

I really hope we get more on these 2, they have definitely "Entangled" 

I also like Lex's writing style. She had all emotions in there but also got right to the point & kept it hot, hot, hot!! . I like that in a book. ;)

I give it 4 virgin ass stars!!


  1. Thank you ladies! So glad you liked it!

    1. <3 No, thank you for the story! hope we get to see more :D

  2. See Lex! Everyone wants some Wesley action! Loved the pictures ;)