Sunday, June 26, 2016

Five Reasons You Should Totally Read J.M. Darhower's Mafia Books

Just in case you've never heard of J.M. Darhower, or read any book of hers - I recommend just about anything she wrote, really - but here are FIVE reasons you should read her MAFIA books. That's right, you read that correctly, Mafia books. 

I, for one, think she's the best at writing this genre but I may be biased. 

#1. Corrado Moretti. Ignazio Vitale. Both of these men are dangerous. They're killers. No questions asked. But they're fierce and loyal and oh my God, do they love their women! 

 “Because God knows, if He ever took Celia from me, I'd burn the world down around us all.” --- Corrado

"I'll always come for you," I tell her. "The fucking devil himself couldn't stop me." --- Naz

#2. As I said, she writes this genre like no other. It's real, it's scary to think it's actually out there. There's no coddling, or sugarcoating. There's slavery, backstabbing and, in the end, everyone wants to be Boss. 

#3. The style is unique and pulls you right in. Even though both series are Mafia, it's not the same story, recycled.

#4. The female characters. Many say about Naz's girl, Karissa, that she's childish. Bear in mind, she's nineteen, she's led a different life, because of her mom. I won't say more, decide for yourself. I, for one, loved her. As for Celia, Corrado's wife, she's the perfect match for him. Given their situation, the life they're leading, she trusts her husband and knows he loves her, no matter what. 

#5. The ending to the books/series. I expected both because, as I said, they're realistic. No fairy tale here.

So, there you go. Truth be told, one doesn't need five reasons, but maybe they will sway you into giving them a chance. 


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