Thursday, June 2, 2016

One Hot Summer by Kat French

Title: One Hot Summer
Author: Kat French
Series: Standalone
Release Date: June 2nd 2016


Being married to a celebrity isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when that celebrity has a very public affair with his co-star…
Alice McBride is determined that the one thing she won't lose in her marriage breakup is Borne Manor, her beloved home, but she gets more than she bargained for when she rents it out for the summer and a sexy cowboy comes to stay.
Country music star Robinson Duff has had his own share of heartbreak and needs somewhere quiet to hide out for the summer. Neither Alice nor Robinson are in any position for romance; the timing is terrible and they're both rebounding like out of control frisbees.
Can a holiday romance help mend their broken hearts. Or will it just make things even worse when the long hot summer comes to its inevitable end?

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Review by Iza 

The title already suggest what the story is about. It already says it's going to be a fun, light read.

Alice McBride, our heroine, had to up and change her life because of her a-hole of a husband. She had to go and live in Borne Manor, the only place she'd ever felt could be her home; a place where she'd have a family, raise her kids. Of course, that was all before her marriage went poof. But she's a fighter and she'd do no matter what to keep the manor and make sure her tenants are cared for - tenants that are such a motley crew, such eclectic and funny characters, I couldn't stop laughing.

Robinson Duff hasn't had it easy either, almost the same scenario as Alice, but instead of him retreating to a favorite house, he decided to rent Alice's for a few months and lick his wounds there, recoup. He really wasn't expecting Alice or her crazy friends.

Of course that there were some characters you wanted to punch and couldn't wait for karma to give them theirs. And the ending... *swoon*

I really liked it, 4.5 stars. I wanted to thank the publishers for the copy given in exchange for my honest review.

P.S. I love Robinson almost as much as I love Lucien.

Author Bio

Romantic comedy writer, disorganised mum, fairy light lover, and champion wine drinker.

Slightly less smutty alter-ego of Kitty French, USA Today bestselling smut fictionista.


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