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Provoke by Missy Johnson Blog Tour


Book: Provoke

Series: Provoke, Book #1

Author: Missy Johnson

Synopsis: Mace Jordan was not the type of guy I expected to sweep me off my feet. I knew of the crowd he ran with, and they were bad news. But beyond that tough, biker exterior was a sweetheart, and one that treated me like his princess.

I liked being the good girl with the bad boy, but I never expected this. What I saw on his computer…I thought I knew him.

But I was wrong. So wrong…

If there was ever a bad time for me to fall for a chick it was now, but from the moment I saw Leeta, she had me. There was something special about her, and I had to have her. But I also had a job to do, and I couldn’t let her distract me from that. I couldn’t let her discover that side of me either. But she’s not stupid, and I know she’s getting close. God knows what she’ll do if she discovers the truth.

Or what she thinks is the truth.


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If you've ever read any of Missy's books, you know that she tends to put an unusual twist in her stories.  The whole plot isn't unheard of, but the web workings inside have a unique spin.  This story is no exception.  It's definitely different.  I didn't really understand the reasoning behind why some of the characters did the things that they did, but watching their follies from the sidelines was interesting.  I feel that it had the potential to be an exceptional read if some parts would have been tweaked and expounded upon.  The emotions and conclusions seemed rushed in my opinion so the reader doesn't feel what the characters feel.  Besides that it was quite entertaining.

Leeta is an attorney, a prosecutor for the Director of Public Prosecutions, and the daughter of a decorated army officer, a Colonel. Mace is the son of a notorious gangland killer who is the head of the infamous Jordan family.  Both his father and brother are in prison, and he presumably is nothing but a motorcycle repair shop owner.  His family is so bad that she wrote a paper about his great grandfather for her Criminal Law class at university.  Somehow, someway, these two end up a couple (and the story hasn't even gotten to the crazy part yet).  Btw, he isn't her most outrageous hook up.

What was it with me that attracted these guys?

The two of them end up intertwined in the biggest fiasco to end all fiascos.  I cannot say that I understand anyone's position, but it was a fresh experience having no idea what was going to happen next, who's going to do what and when.

This book is to be book 1 of a series.  I'm not sure what the next will be about, but several characters were introduced besides the 2 main, and the mystery that pulled the characters in the story has not been solved.  

***ARC was given by author for an honest review***

About the Author

Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she’s a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog…you get the picture).

When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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  1. I loved the premise! I also love that Missy also has a twist in her stories! It's what keeps me coming back for more!