Thursday, June 25, 2015

Character Interview

Second surprise is...

Character Interview with

Lord Robichaux

I want to start with the fact that I am head-over-heels, arse-over-tits in love with you, Lord and, just say the word, I’ll drop every one of my other BBFs for you. One word, baby.

Kidding. About the second part. You’ve dethroned quite a few, but my heart is big enough for all of you *wink* *waggling brows*

Questioning time.

We all know about your background; enough things to make me want to pull you to my bosom and keep you there, forever. You’ve freely shared them with both Elle and the readers. But can you tell us a little bit about your dreams? What were they when you were a kid and what are they now? 

Not gonna lie, my childhood sucked. Didn’t really get much chance to be a kid, at least not a normal one. But in those moments when I could let my guard down, I dreamed about taking Con and running away. Sometimes I’d see a mom with kids in a parking lot somewhere, and I’d wonder how they got so fucking lucky to have a parent who gave a shit. I envied them. Sometimes hated them. Why didn’t we get that? But I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and all the shit I waded through brought me to this moment—and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve got the woman I love in my bed every night, and if I’d known this was my reward, I might have smiled more and been less of a broody bastard. 

We know the deep bond you had with Con, even separated. Can you share about how it was to see him again, after everything?   

I’d always watched over Con, because that’s part of being a brother. He never knew I was there, but I kept my eye on him. He was a rowdy little punk, and there were times when I thought I’d have to step in, but he found his way. 

You and Con are both alpha and possessive. What other traits do you share with your little brother? 

Big dicks. Just kidding. Mostly. Con and I were forged in different fires during our early years, but the military straightened both our asses out right. It also taught us how to do one thing our women love—pick up after ourselves. I didn’t need my ass gettin’ chewed for leaving a mess.

Any plans on having baby Lords and Elles running around? Imagine a little girl as sassy as her mom! 

Oh man. I’ve definitely thought about it. Elle’s going to be hot as fuck when she’s pregnant. But for now, we’re having a helluva lot of fun just the two of us.  

All right, no more gloom-and-doom. 

Favorite movie? 

Die Hard.

Favorite food? 


Favorite hobby? 

Spending time with Elle. Preferably naked, but really any time. 

Do you like brunettes? Kidding! No, seriously, do you like brunettes? 

Well … I think there’s no way to answer that question safely. Have you met the feisty redhead I’m a lucky enough son of a bitch to call mine? 

Favorite band? 

I go back and forth. I love me some Led Zep. 

And lastly, one word that defines you. I can think of several *cough* but I’d love to know what you think it is. 

Just one? I know Elle would kill me if I didn’t say taken. Very, very taken. But I have to go with thankful. This life is everything I could’ve never dreamed of as a kid, and I’m so damn thankful for it.

You can find Lord and read about his HEA with Elle in Beneath These Chains, book 3 in the Beneath series by Meghan March!


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