Friday, October 16, 2015

LEV BY BELLE AURORA ~ Reviewed by The Book Capa

LEV by Belle Aurora

“Lev Leokov will cause your ovaries to explode and your panties to go flying.”

“5 "I LOVE Lev. Absolutely, positively, deep to my soul, adore him." Stars”

“Belle Aurora has set the tone for what will no doubt be an amazingly addictive series.”

“this is hands down a favorite of the year for me”


Lev (Shot Callers, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mama's home....
and we've missed you Belle!

The creator of Twitch has done it to me again. If i thought I couldnt love a character as much as I do Twitch...and those that know me, know i am OBSESSED with him. Well.. move over sweety, cuz you're sharing my heart with Lev! ((and no way am i comparing the 2, they are as different as night and day!)

The first 8% of this book already had me crying ((which Belle apologized for)). It also had me laughing and gasping and saying "Ooooh, theres a twist!!" and of course more laughing, crying, and SWOONING!!! Holy crap did i swoon the swooniest swoon over this book. I just ADORE this man. He really is a special character and I can't wait for you to see why!

While the book is titled Lev, it is mostly in Mina's POV. I think you will all love Mina. She is a strong character. She's sweet, caring,and loving. Given the things she is put through, her outlook is just a sight to behold. She will have you crying and laughing, you'll really FEEL for her character.

She and Lev meet when she is at her all time low, and the events that happen after, and the family that takes her in is just an uplifting story. Of course there are some downs, you are always lifted right back up again.

I really can't wait for you guys to read this so we can talk about it, as I don't want to give anything away, but i am DYING to talk about it!!!!

I am very excited for Belle and this new release, I really, really think you are all going to enjoy it. Or at least, i hope you will! Now, when do i get my hands on Vik??? :D


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