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Review Random & Rare, Lock & Key series by Cat Porter

Title: Random & Rare
Author: Cat Porter
Series: Lock & Key
Release Date: March 10th 2015


I am that gash in her soul.
Once I loved Grace, really loved her.
And she loved me, and it was so fucking beautiful.
That pendulum swings to and fro.
We’re here,
and then we’re—
How can that rare beautiful be rendered irrelevant, intangible when I still feel so damn much?
Does all that energy, that glory, that significance simply dissolve?
Turn to smoke?
To nothing?
It can’t. It just can’t.
Are the moments that shape us absolutely random?
Is time not fluid?
I made promises to them, to her.
Especially to her.
Promises I still burn to keep.

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Review by Iza

"(...) everyone else's random would never be rare for me."

My sister always asks why am I reading books that make me cry? And I always tell her, "The feels. Because of all. The Feels."

Because really, day to day life doesn't have that many feels, maybe anger, stress, worries. Don't get me wrong, I love happy books; funny ones. They're a favorite of mine. But sometimes you just gotta read one that's sad too, you know? One that won't only make you smile or laugh or swoon. I, personally, find reading this type of books cathartic. They also stay with me, longer than others. Even if I get teary-eyed, just thinking of and remembering certain events, scenes from books. Even characters.

So, I was warned by my friends - I love you, batches, seriously - that this one has more feels to it than Lock & Key. I was afraid to read this one, so I kept putting it off. I had to be ready for it. Lock & Key gutted me. This one? It slayed me. Torn me to shreds and left me for dead. But it's also one of the best books I've read. Ever. Not just this year.

It's not a standalone. You can't just read this without reading Lock & Key. Why? Because this is a sequel with characters from the first book, and not only. It's so much more, because here, we get more Dig. So much more Dig. We get his POV about the past. What we got from Grace in book 1 was just the cliffnotes, really. We get everything here. Every happy, sad, gut-wrenching moment.

Oh, Dig... Oh my heart is still breaking and I still want to yell 'WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?!' but then I think of Miller, and my heart's breaking all over again, for him too. I just love all of them. Each and every one. I don't think I've ever went through this before. Sure, I'd like the characters; I'd have a favorite. Here? I love all of them. My heart jolts whenever they all pop up, in a scene or are just mentioned.

So, the book is made up of the past and present. Past told by Dig - I think I'll always tear up just seeing his name - and present, told by Grace. And so many things go down, you're left reeling from it all. Twists and chilling coincidences that just made me cry harder.

And then, Cat goes and writes an epilogue from Dig's POV again. Jesus. Christ.

"You're in my bones, Grace. Can't stand straight without you, baby. Can't."

*throwing in the towel*

I'm done for. It has been fan-freaking-tastic. Amazing. Brilliant. 5+++ stars from me. I want more. 

Author Bio

I daydream all the time, "what if" way too much, and am a lip-biting romantic. And I don't want to be cured of any of those. Ever.

Cat Porter is the author of the Lock & Key MC series - Lock & Key, Random & Rare and Iron & Bone [coming soon] - and Wolfsgate standalone historical romance. 



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