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The Red Door by J.L. Massey Review

The Red Door
J.L. Massey


(Erotica M/F/M and M/M/F with M/M)

Returning home four years after tragedy struck, Aurora Hammond finds herself in an exclusive BDSM club called The Red Door.
Club owner, Mitch Reed, and Dom, Alex James, want Aurora to be theirs, even if they have to share.
When a sex-trafficking ring is revealed to be using the club and targeting Aurora, truths and feelings are brought to light.
Can Mitch and Alex protect her, or will their desires for each other be used against them and put Aurora in jeopardy?

The Red Door is book one in The Door 

 The Red Door 

The Diva’s REviews

Can I say I love mysteries?  So when this book started as a mystery I was hooked.  I loved the writing style and all of her characters (and there are a bunch).  I was able to get to know each character, would have liked to known a little more about both Mitch and Alex but I was given enough information within the story to keep up.  This is story was InstaLove but it gave a great foundation to base the whole theory,  Alex the childhood crush and Mitch the overpowering DoM.  Author was very knowledgeable with the BDSM scenes in the book.

The female lead I felt was a little bratty at times and little need a couple of really good spankings but at the end I could see how she had grown over the course of the book.  Congratulations to JL of her debut novel, looking forward to The Black Door and The Bronze Door (I think) of the trilogy.

I give this book 4 stars

This book was given to me for my honest opinion.


The Red Door (The Door Trilogy, #1)The Red Door by J.L. Massey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story starts out with scenes from the past, murder mystery style (which I like). It them jumps to where one of the victims is now in life. Throughout each meeting of a character, I was analyzing if they were the killer. I did figure it out before the book made it clear because of a certain statement from the killer, but I'm not going to share that and ruin the plot.

I thought the author made a very good point of providing all the information anyone reading a BDSM book could need. All the acronyms and proper titles are completely explained. The lifestyle is approached in a very educated and mature way. And the reader is told what they're in for right away.
If you don't want to see two guys going at it, a girl going down on another girl, or punishments being handed out, then you don't need to go there, because you will see it as well as all other types of sex.

The problems that I had were with the maturity of the characters and the timeline. The two men and one woman fell into an immediate relationship from the first eye contact. I didn't have time to get to that point with them. And I don't think they were ready either because they continuously acted immaturely. I know it was new to them all in different ways so maybe that is how it would go, I don't know.

Because of not feeling invested in the love of ménage relationship, I instead just focused the hottest of it. Two guys? Yes, please! And make them bi...ggggaaaahhhhgggg (that was me just melting). So yeah, I like that idea. The sex scenes were above par really compared to many erotic stories I've read.

So, in summary, loved the idea of two men and a woman, great sex scenes, great explanations of the lifestyles, poor character and relationship developments.

It all wraps up nicely at the end until, wham she hit us with the epilogue. Now, I'm wondering what is going to happen in the next book.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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