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Blog Tour and Giveaway! - The Running Game by L.E. Fitzpatrick

The Running Game by L.E. Fitzpatrick

Her father called it the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes. Always be ready to run because they'll always be coming for you. Whatever happens, they'll always be coming for you.

Rachel had let her guard down and they had found her. She could run now, leave the city and try her luck beyond the borders, but with no money and a dark secret to hide her chances of survival are slim.

But then she meets two brothers with a dangerous past and secrets of their own. Can they help her turn the game around?

This is the first installment of the Reacher series. Set in a grim and not too distant future, this urban thriller will keep you hooked until the last page.

 "For a week he had been there, never betraying his position or  his intentions, but she could feel him and the longer he waited the more he tormented her."

The book starts off with Rachel, a nurse at St. Mary's in S'aven (safe haven). 
Every night she leaves work she can feel she is being watched.  She tries to find this person, but they never come out of the shadows. Why would someone want to stalk a nurse?....

Enter the brothers, John and Charlie Smith, the 
'Infamous Smith Brothers". These 2 guys are a mystery through and through. Having been hired to find Rachel, situations change, and they are now, through good conscience, helping her run.

With each chapter comes a new character and situation, thus adding to the suspense of the book. It is captivating, and thrilling, that you will find yourself enthralled in the story wanting to not put the book down, just so you can try and figure out what is going to happen next. They each wind around each other  and come connected in a way that will blow your mind. 

"Revenge is a festering destructive mission. Tearing apart the core of a life for one petty moment when the world is righted, just before the whole thing collapses forever."

Will they forever have to run? I guess we will have to wait and find out.  

I give this book 4  intense stars 

Meet the Author:
L.E. Fitzpatrick
 I'm one of those independent fantasy authors, struggling to get my work out there. I was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, but now live in Ceredigion, West Wales, where I run an office by day and write at night, occasionally sparing a few moments for my family.

I am totally dependent on you guys to spread my work, so if you like what you see tell your friends.

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