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Pain and Revenge by John Simpson

Pain and Revenge


John Simpson

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Release Date: 01/11/2014 
Genres: Action/Adventure, BDSM, Contemporary, Gay, Thriller 
ISBN: 9781622321148 
Word Count: 16917 
Page Count: 85 
File Formats: Adobe (pdf), Epub, HTML (Other), Kindle (mobi), LRF, Mobipocket (prc), MS Reader (lit), Online reading (html), Rocket (rb) 

Pain and Revenge, has now been re-published by Silver Publishing. 
If you like stories with sex, S&M, CIA, and Soviet type bad guys, you'll love this story.

Rookie CIA agent James Elliot is sent to his first assignment in London, where he finds out that not only does the CIA know that he's gay, but that he's been brought in on an assignment precisely for that reason. James is thrown into a situation where he must seduce a Russian GRU Agent and find out what he's doing in England.

Spankings are the sadistic Russian's specialty and the question is...Can James Elliot hold out to finish the job? The novella reaches a satisfactory conclusion as the answer to the question.

Warning: male/male forced sex scene that is intricate to the plot.

This book is pretty blunt.  It gets right to the gritty of the situation.  I guess I'd classify it as a spy/BDSM storyline, but it's more than just that.  It's very frank, straightforward, no suppressing the brutal details.  They aren't told in a gory way, just no incidentals are left out.

There is a very descriptive sodomy scene that is explained in such a way that the reader knows exactly what happened and how it felt.  No inessential emotion holds back the characters.  They state the facts as is and just do their jobs.

So on the BDSM side, there are the above mentioned bits and several beatings which require medical attention.  On the spy side, there are the secret meetings and plans.  Everything seems quite legit.  The author is a vet and gay so I guess he knows his material.

I appreciate the author writing in a way that makes sense and isn't over dramatized.  Although I know this story isn't for everyone, I enjoyed it.  Also, I'm sure it is probably more realistic than many BDSM or spy books.

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About the Author
John Simpson is a Vietnam era veteran, a former Police Officer of the Year, federal agent, federal magistrate, armed bodyguard to Saudi royalty, senior federal government executive, and recipient of awards from the Vice President of the United States and the Secretary of Treasury.

John feels that for too long fiction writers neglected gay men. John writes entertaining, enjoyable, and enthralling fiction centered on the lives and lifestyles of gay men. John allows his readers to see life through gay men's eyes. And just like real life, John's characters have active and exciting sex lives. John calls on his broad personal and professional experiences in writing gay erotica. John is author of numerous full-length novels available through Dreamspinner Press, TeB Books, and several short stories in Alyson Books anthologies.

Additionally, John has just signed on with Silver Publishing, who will be putting out short stories and novellas. John has written magazine articles for gay and straight audiences alike.

John lives with his partner of thirty-six years, who he legally married in 2008, and their three Scottish terriers.

John is highly involved with the church, specifically seeking to repair rifts between Christendom and the gay community.

John wishes to extend a very special thanks to his many female readers. He appreciates and loves the fact women enjoy male/ male erotica, and he thanks you for your past and continued support. He hopes to never disappoint you and always leave you wanting more!



  1. Toni:
    Thanks for the review. It is a different type of book; one that is more real in some spots than you realize. Thank you for taking the time to write about "Pain and Revenge." I have another book coming out shortly called, "House of discipline," set in Berlin Germany. You might like that one too. :)

    John Simpson

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I did like this book, and I will be looking for the other.