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Tour Stop Damon & Jared, The Protectors series by Teresa Gabelman



Damon DeMasters is a vampire warrior who has taken an oath to protect his own kind as well as humans. As a social worker, Nicole Callahan fights for the right of every child placed in her care. Damon has been ordered to train Nicole and her colleagues against the dangers they now face. Even as sparks fly, Nicole and Damon depend on each other to protect the children of both races.

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Damon stopped in the middle of the mat and turned toward her, “Lay down and spread your legs.”

Nicole stopped suddenly, her eyes shooting from his ass to his face. “Ah, most guys buy me a drink first.” At his raised eyebrow, Nicole snorted, “Okay. Sorry. Just a joke. You know you can probably buy a sense of humor on Craigslist.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my sense of humor.” Once she was on the ground, he knelt between her legs. “I just didn't find that funny.”

Nicole rolled her eyes then gasped when he grabbed both her wrists and held them above her head with one hand. “Hey!”

Review for Damon

PNR – Mon amour! It truly is my first love and I go back to it with pleasure, often re-reading books with my favorite vampires/werewolves etc etc. 

That being said, this one’s about vampires. But oh, not just any vampires! It’s with big, bad-ass vampires. They are warriors for the Vampire Council. Hence them being called VC warriors. Oh and vampires are out and about, not lurking in the shadows. In fact, they have already been out for a year, now.

He was handsome in a way that was hard and masculine, not GQ pretty. Hence, why I liked him.

This very first book is with Damon DeMasters, an old vampire hunk with long dark hair and an attitude to match the warrior status. He seems to not have a sense of humor. Key word: seems. As I said, he’s big, he’s bad and he’s not looking for a happily-ever-after. Until he meets Nicole Callahan, that is.

You know you can probably buy a sense of humor on Craigslist. ~ Nicole

Nicole Callahan is my kinda girl. I really loved her! She’s young but she’s determined to help others, putting them above herself. She’s balls-to-the-wall, take-no-crap and mouthy, getting often in trouble with her boss. But he loves her as much as he wants to wring her neck, sometimes. Since Nicole herself has been through a lot, being sent from one foster family to another, never wanted and loved, she knew what she wanted to do and become when she grew up. And she got there, with the prize to prove it.

So, the seemingly silent and broody vampire is partnered with the cheerful and crazy Nicole. He’s trying to boss her around but that doesn’t work. Nicole does what Nicole wants. They have their run-ins but as Nicole starts to see a new side of Damon’s, the inevitable happens. 

The road they set out on isn’t easy because of people using vampires for their blood, mostly vampire kids. So the book has some rather gritty and darker parts, as well. But the good news is that Nicole, her crew, along with the vampire warriors are trying their best to stop the horrors happening. 

I think you already realized from my review that I very much liked this book. LOVED it. It’s not the first time I’ve read it, nor will it be the last. Vampires hold a special place in my heart and Teresa’s vampires are all there, since I’m quite familiar with them. Five bloody stars.

So, if you are looking for a swoon-worthy but slightly frustrating big, bad hunk of a vampire – he has his reasons though so don’t hate him – with a strong, kick-ass heroine who will do whatever it takes to make others happy and doesn’t take crap from said big bad vampire, along with an array of vampires and crazy BFFs, then Teresa’s Protectors are for you. This really is a great debut novel and the rest in the series are even better!

The way Damon looked at her sometimes made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and it was an amazing feeling.” *sigh* I want a Damon. 

***I was given a copy by the author in exchange of an honest review***



The VC Warriors are an elite group of vampire who protect innocents, whether human or those of their own race. Jared Kincaid, along with other Warriors, are shocked when a fiery red head with a gun and attitude, bring news of young teens being turned into an army of half-breed vampires capable of taking out all VC Warriors.

Breaking into the famed VC Warriors compound was definitely not the smartest thing Tessa Pride has ever done, but she will do anything for her brother, Adam. The Warriors held the one person she knew was responsible for her brother being turned into a half-breed and nothing will stop her from getting what she needs to help her brother, not even a Warrior whose eyes could make her melt with one look.

Jared and Tessa join forces in a desperate scramble to find who is responsible. With a war between Warriors and half-breeds brewing, suspicions of traitors in their midst put the lives of everyone involved on the line.


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“Ah, no way. I’m driving,” Tessa shook her head. “This is my boss’s car and if anything happens to it, it’s my ass…literally.”

“Give me the keys, Tessa,” his tone was as firm as his glare.

“No.” Backing away, Tessa stuck them in her front pocket with a smirk, “I drive or you walk.”

Jared grabbed her so fast, sticking his hand in her front pocket fishing out the keys, that Tessa didn’t have time to react. He dangled the keys in front of her, “Who’s walking?”

Review for Jared

We don’t bow down to anyone.” ~ Sid

The fantastic world created by Teresa Gabelman in her Protectors series – bad-ass vampire warriors – continues in the second book, Jared. 

Jared Kincaid is a few thousand years old and he doesn’t believe in mates. He doesn’t believe in the fact that every vampire has a destined person just for him or her, whether it is human or another fellow vampire. Even though it happened to one of his friends and warriors, Damon, he thinks that one can love another without them being predestined mates.

I have walked this world alone for many years without a mate. Actually, I think the mate thing is way overrated and a load of crap.”

He’s a funny guy and loyal friend, not to mention good warrior. 

How about it, Tessa? You want a taste of my…” his grin became downright wicked, “omelet?

Tessa Pride meets Jared by busting into the warriors’ compound, along with her half-breed brother, Adam and leaves a lasting impression on Jared. Yes, of course that his male ego is hurt that he has been bested by a sexy redhead but he also knows that they will meet again. And they do. 

Tessa is a woman on a mission. Has been, ever since she lost her mother. She had it tough with an alcoholic for a father and the only one to care about her and her brother was their gramps. But things get really complicated when both of them are captured and Adam is turned into a half-breed. And the kidnappers have huge plans for Tessa, as well.

But Tessa is a fiery redhead with a temper to match and she’s stubborn and a fighter. She’s, simply put, a survivor. But, like everyone else, she has her flaws, her insecurities and finds it hard to believe that a guy like Jared would be interested in her.

Because you can’t love someone if your heart’s broken, and mine was broken (…)

But of course that Jared doesn’t give up and, as I said, mate or not, he wants Tessa and he will have her.

I go after what I want, without hesitation. And I want you.

You need to get used to me looking at you Tessa, because I plan on doing it often.

He’s really a sweet guy, underneath all that tough vampire warrior exterior of his. You just can’t help but swoon. 

I don’t know what demons you’re fighting, but I plan on putting them to rest.

I love the fact that the other characters play a pretty big role in this book. I.e. Damon and Nicole. The first seemed to have found a sense of humor,

You couldn’t read ‘Go the fuck away’ in bold letters?”

… While the latter is still as awesome and kick-ass as she was in the previous book.

We’ll be fine. I got the vamp moves now.” Nicole bobbed her eyebrows up and down.

We also got to meet new characters that will play an important role in the big picture of this series. Adam, Jill, Matt and Steve, to name a few. 

But that’s not all. We get glimpses of the next book, as well.

All in all, I give this second book five stars because it’s just so much more than a simple PNR, than a simple vampire-human love story. It has twists and turns and funny moments and characters, along with darker scenes because they are, after all, vampires and I think we all know that the real monsters are, in fact, humans. 

I’m ending this pretty long review with a few of my favorite quotes.

You’re mine, Tessa Pride.” ~ Jared

Sid rolled his eyes. “Warriors don’t let their women go… ever.”

“Do you have a vagina, son?” Sid asked, his face full of disgust. 

“See, she knows it.” Steve pointed at Jill, glancing back at Sid.
“And… she has a vagina.” Sid didn’t pull any punches. “My point has been made.”

***I was given a copy by the author in exchange of an honest review***


 Author Bio

Teresa lives in Bethel, Ohio with her husband, son, two dogs and her son's snake, Steve Irwin. She is a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, is a huge Mixed Martial Arts fan and follows her husbands MMA fight team, G-Force, which her son fights for. When not writing she is either screaming like a crazy woman at MMA fights or reading in some quiet corner with her Kindle. She loves books that are fast reads filled with romance, humor, sexy alpha men and the women who drive them crazy.

Damon (The Protectors Series) Book #1
Jared (The Protectors Series) Book #2
Duncan (The Protectors Series) Book #3
Sid (The Protectors Series) Book #4

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Author Interview 

Who is Teresa Gabelman?

A crazy woman who has naked Warriors running around in her head…. Ah, did I say that out loud? Oh, excuse me.  I am a serious author of words who…haha…okay, I couldn’t even finish that sentence. I really am a crazy woman who has naked Warriors running around in her head. 

When and how did you know you wanted to become a writer?  

Not exactly sure when, but many years ago I would get so aggravated because a book didn’t go the way I wanted it to so instead of being ticked off I wrote my own book, which honestly wasn’t very good. HA! True story.

Where do you look for a source of inspiration?   

My family, friends and readers who believe in me when I don’t believe in myself. They inspire me to go beyond what I think I can do. It’s awesome, they are awesome.

Why vampires? 

I grew up watching the old Count Dracula and always found it a little romantic…weird, I know. 

Who’s your favorite couple from The Protectors series, so far? 

Love them all, but Slade and Jill even though their book isn’t complete, but we all know they’re going to be a couple because I don’t want my awesome readers hunting me down. 

If one song could be the soundtrack to your life, what would it be?  

Crazy train by Ozzy. 

Marilyn, Audrey or Jackie? 

Marilyn no doubt! 

What’s your favorite way of spending lazy Sundays?  

Fishing on the Pontoon with my husband and son with the song ‘Pontoon’ by Big Little Town playing in the background and my Kindle by my side. 

One word that defines you. 


Thank you Iza and Diva Discussions Book Club for hosting me and these questions ROCKED!

Thank you!

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting Damon and Jared as well as the review and interview. The interview was a blast. Without people like you guys and our readers we would just be people writing stuff on paper. Hugs and thanks so much!!!

    1. You're very welcome! It was really my pleasure! LOVE your vampire warriors!

  2. I've got Damon on my kindle and am looking forward to reading it, thanks for the spotlight :)