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Release Day Blitz Conquer (Triumph #2) by SJ McGran

Title: Conquer (Triumph #2)
Author: S.J. McGran
Release Date: November 10, 2014
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance

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My name is Angelica McCoy and I am a man-eater. I use men. I use them to make me feel worthy and beautiful, to help me get through the day. To help me forget.

That is until a certain man walked into my life and turned it upside down. He’s the only person that’s been able to see through the lies, the bullshit masks. He turns every wall I've carefully constructed around my broken heart to rubble.

Without questioning it, without asking for permission he takes my heart and makes it his.

The question is can I get over my own fears, the suffocating disbelief in happily ever after to give him what he needs? What he deserves?

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Teaser  Flirty

“Duchess.” My tone is bored, annoyed even. It’s a tone that has taken a lot of practice, and even more restraint where she’s concerned. She just looks at me rolls her eyes and focuses her attention back on the keg. Further irking me. Taking advantage of her distraction I let my gaze roam her body.
Her jeans are so damn tight they look painted on. She’s wearing a low cut black top that highlights every one of her perfect assets. Her long blonde hair is falling over one shoulder, leaving one side of her neck bare and tempting.
Her long legs take a step closer to me as someone shoves her from behind in their drunken haste to get to the free beer. My arms come out automatically to keep her from falling, effectively bringing her body flush with mine. The loud bass of the music filtering out of the open doors and windows fades as Angelica looks up at me from under her ridiculously long lashes.
I may not like the girl, but damn it if she isn’t sexy.
My grip around her waist tightens, my hands clenching into fists to keep from doing something I’d regret in the morning.  The clumsy way I stumbled to the keg let me know I was starting to get drunk, but with her pressed this close to me, her sweet scent filtering through my senses I feel wasted. Out of control. “Ang…” The rest of my incoherent thought is cut off as she leans up on her tip-toes pressing her lips gently against mine.
“Kiss me, Ryan.” Fuck her voice is just as sexy as the rest of her. “God damn it, kiss me already.” Her green eyes blaze with desire and need, the emotions covering up a hint of vulnerability. The one thing I’ve never expected to see from her, the one thing I’ve been dying to see from her.
She looks up at me like she needs my lips on hers. That’s the desire. But, the way she bites her bottom lip in a nervous gesture tells me she’d hate the rejection if I pushed her away now. That’s the vulnerability. Fuck, it’s so god damn sexy. My head falls forward another inch, our lips pressed against each other but they aren’t moving, we aren’t kissing. Our lips are simply resting together.
My name being shouted from across the lawn snaps me out of it. Shaking my head I clear the craving, the annoying, impossible craving I have for this girl. I look down at her seeing a girl that has no idea who she is or what she wants. She wants me… that much is obvious, but she only wants me for one night. I’m not the guy that can give her a mansion and millions of dollars at the bank.
My irritation with her back in full force, I remove my lips from her placing them on her ear. “No.”
“No?” She pushes back from me looking like I slapped her across the face.
“What’s the matter, Duchess? No one’s ever told you no before?”
She smirks before pressing her chest against mine smugness overtaking the slight hurt at being rejected, “Not when they’re turned on.”
I growl before laughing in her face. “I don’t want you. I’ll never want you.”
With an unrivaled amount of confidence she runs her hand up my thigh, over the bulge in my pants. Her hand strokes me through my jeans a few times before whispering against my lips, “You should tell your body that.” With one final peck she turns and saunters away.
Damn it.


About the Author

S.J. McGran is a new author with a penchant for writing, reading and reviewing romance novels.  She lives in Toledo, Ohio with her husband, cat, new puppy, and a very large family. She is a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, and has a love for ice cream and pizza. The Triumph Series is S.J's debut series. Book three in the series, Prevail, is due out early 2015.

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