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Review Kennick: A Bad Boy Romance Novel, The Volanis Brothers by Meg Jackson

Title: Kennick
Author: Meg Jackson
Series: The Volanis Brothers
Release Date: January 21st 2016

Kim’s breath caught in her throat as she saw the first man enter. Kennick. He was smiling distractedly as his brothers filed in after him, his strong profile making her want to squirm in her seat.

Some call them Roma, some call them Gypsies, and most people know them as no good; it's a hard time to be a Romani. The Volanis brothers, particularly Kennick Volanis, know this better than anyone.

No one in the town of Kingdom is happy when the Romani settlement arrives in town. But the problem falls into the hands of Kimberly James. She's the mayor's assistant, and it's up to her to revitalize the town.

From the moment she sees the brothers, and Kennick in particular, she feels an irresistible attraction. Then she realizes, maybe the Roma aren't her problem. Maybe they could be her solution.

Sexy full-length bad boy novel, with a HEA.

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Review by Iza

Where should I start?

How about that cover? Mhmmm, admire that gorgeous cover that just catches your attention, no matter how bored you are. Then the blurb! I mean really, a hot gypsy? Sign me up!

And then there's the story. And the characters. How the prologue pulls you in, making you more and more curious, so you just keep on reading and you realize it's 3 AM and you should sort of sleep a little. You know it's a good one when you can't wait to fall asleep, so you can wake up already and continue the story! And nothing makes you happier than knowing it's the weekend and that means time off, and you can finish the book!

Finish it, I have.

A little bit about the story. The heroine's curvy and she lacks confidence, she has problems with self-image. We've all been there. Her beliefs that she's lacking is due to a mother that needs to be bitch-slapped because, woman, you can't treat your daughter that way, no matter how stuck-up you are. And oh, she's so stuck-up! Hated her.

The hero's a tall, dark and hot gypsy, with tattoos and long hair and a devil-may-care attitude. He's the baro of his gypsy family and clan; the ruler, the Big Kahuna, ever since his father passed away. Something happened a few decades back, in a small town and it needed to be cleared up. In said small town, lived our heroine, Kim. Kim meets Kennick, our sexy gypsy and oh, I love that there's no drama, there's hot and heavy sex, there's a connection between them. They're so cute and perfect!

The mystery revolves around that thing that happened a few decades back, and there's a culprit that needs to be caught. Again, not much drama, it wasn't dragged out unnecessarily. Kudos, Ms. Jackson, for that! I hate when something is dragged out, just for the sake of it. Nope, it's all solved, rather quickly. I also loved how the author touched on the subject of gypsies, both in old and modern society. Unfortunately, gypsies don't have the best of reputations. I know that, I see it around me, because there are a lot of gypsies living in my country. Some bad, some good, but that's something that applies to every ethnicity. One rotten apple doesn't mean they're all the same, and the author portrayed that without sugar-coating it.

I'm kind of left with some questions, though and the ending was a tiny cliffhanger - don't worry, the HEA is there, but this is an insight of what's to come. And I can't wait for that book to be written!

One thing that, well, I can't say bothered me but there's a preview at the end of the story, one from the author's other books. I'm not against authors putting previews and teasers at the end of a book, but this was a rather long one, so don't be disappointed when you see the story ends at around 75%. It's still pretty long.

But, needless to say, I loved it, I shall be rereading it and there will hopefully be a paperback version of it, because I'll gladly buy it. 4.5 - 5 stars.  

Author Info

Meg Jackson is the author of three MC series, Cold Steel MC, Black Smoke Motorcycle Club, Rattlesnake MC; and the standalone, Kennick.

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