Friday, January 15, 2016

Review- The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn

The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn

4 Stars  ~~Amy

This book literally had me laughing out loud every couple of pages. The humor is over-the-top funny, at least to me. You see, I'm a camper and I found this book very relatable. 

Marley, her brother Paul and her father, Bernie make a last family cross-country RV trip before Paul's wedding, and in honor of their mom who passed away several years prior. And, much to Marley's horror, her crush, Porter, who is Paul's best friend, also joins the group in their adventure. The antics were hilarious and watching Porter and Marley give in to what they've both wanted for a very long time was fun to see. The sibling squabbling between Marley and Paul was funny and also quite familiar.

If you need a book that's going to make you laugh, I'd definitely recommend this one.

ARC received via NetGalley for my honest review

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