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Book one left me having to know what happened next. I’m normally not into soap opera drama, but this series is addictive. The lengths the characters go to continuously surprise me. 

I like all the Royals more after reading Broken Prince. They all already intrigued me, but now I’ve fallen for their special brand of dysfunction. The Royals have completely ruined me, and I have a crazy case of the hot’s for them (and their madness). Seriously this should be a TV show. It did an amazing job of riling me up again and again. The biggest shocker is that ending. Good grief! I need the third installment like yesterday. I have absolutely no idea what the world they’re going to get up to next. 


Paper Princess ended with Ella running away from the Royals after finding Reed in a compromising position with Brooke; Broken Prince takes us back just a few minutes so we get a better understanding of the situation......and not all is as it appears. Reed (as well as the rest of the Royals) are devastated by Ella leaving, and they're determined to bring her back.

In Broken Prince, we get a ton of Reed's POV, which helped me to understand him better. He's adamant about not giving up on Ella and their relationship, even as she tries to push him away and shut him out. We see Reed and Easton really struggle with Ella's abandonment, and how that impacts their relationships with each other as well. 

Brooke continues her schemes, but most everyone is seeing through them. We get some answers as to why Gideon is so, so withdrawn from the family. Callum really surprised me in this book as he started acting like the father he should be.....and really standing up for his family when he needs to.

That being said, I really can't say much more without revealing too much more of the plot. This was a perfect follow up to Paper Princess....and now I'm anxiously awaiting book 3 to see how all the things at the end of this book play out.

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