Monday, July 4, 2016

Five Reasons You Should Totally Read Anything by Mariana Zapata

They call her The Queen of Slow Burn and really, she delivers all her love stories in a very slow way. Mariana Zapata and her eclectic books and characters. Let me give you five reasons why one should read her, at least one of her books. 

#1. The style. From laugh-out-loud, to cringe-worthy, to intense and hot, MZ has written it all. You're bound to find something to like about her books. 

#2. You have your sweet porn star you can't help but fall for. You have your asshole tattoo artist you want to strangle, yet he can make you melt, damn him. Then you have the intense and talented ex-soccer player that slowly worms his way into your heart. A rock star that's awesome and an absolute sweetheart. And last, but not least, the impenetrable wall of a football player that can test your limits but, again, you just love him. The theme varies, but you can find common, specific MZ elements, so to say. 

#3. Dexter Charles Locke, also known as Dex 'The Dick' Locke. Listen, he deserves a reason of his own because this guy, this character was the one to make me fall in love with MZ's books; he made Under Locke a fave book of mine, making me read it six times. I had my first love-hate relationship with Dex. He still evokes both in me, whenever I'm rereading and this amused Mariana like you wouldn't believe! Under Locke must have been among my first slow burns. So, as you can see, Dex was a first at many things. The lovable bastard.

#4. Feels. These books have them all. As I said, one moment you are laughing hard, then you're cringing because the characters are awkward and they're doing stupid things - MZ isn't one to hesitate when writing real life scenarios. My fave is when the guys *cough* Dex *cough* do something that redeems them in my eyes. So, I melt. I swoon. I want to throw my kindle/paperback, or bang it into a hard surface because the male leads are impossibly frustrating *cough* Dex, Rey, Aiden *cough*. Whole shebang. 

#5. Female leads. They're awesome. They're funny. They're strong because life's been shitty with them and they grew up in bad circumstances - or they still have nasty families. Or they have the funniest family and they simply have to survive the good kind of crazy.

P.S. The side characters are the best. The stories wouldn't be as good without them, they complete the crazy, the funny when and where needed. 

MZ's been a favorite of mine since 2014 and I cannot wait to meet her, she's awesome and funny as hell! And even though she hasn't forgiven me for recommending a book without a HEA, I know she still loves me LOL 


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