Saturday, July 2, 2016

Five Reasons You Should Totally Read Cat Porter's Lock & Key MC Series

Since Cat Porter is a Dirty Book Girls fave, it's very logical to have such a post about her books. Five reasons to meet her bikers, to love them or hate them; to have them make you feel. Because baby, oh the feels! 

#1. Let's start with the feels. I'm all about them. I'm all about feeling every-damn-thing while reading a book. The more feels, the better. I don't mind getting pissed or frustrated, as long as I laugh or swoon. Cat's books make you feel. It. ALL. You swoon, you cry - man, do you cry - but you love them all. There's no way you'll be bored. 

#2. Writing style. It's very important. Since it's an MC series, we expect it to be raw and gritty. Maybe with some really shocking scenes. Over the top, non believable. Nope, Cat keeps it realistic. Too realistic, sometimes, and it hurts, so much. I constantly ask why this or why that, just WHY but that's life too right? Things happen and you keep asking yourself why and you can't change it. Same with Cat's writing, with her characters and the events from the book.

#3. The main characters. Both male and female characters have been through hell and back, some more than others. But none of them is perfect, none of them came out of it unscathed. They're all mature characters, early or late forties, having gone through life. The good, the bad and the ugly. The horrible. Again, some more than others. So, expect to meet strong characters that will do anything for the ones they love, even things we may not agree with. 

#4. Story lines. Since there are so many MC books out there, it's hard to find one that's not like the others, one that's more unique. Cat managed to make her Lock & Key series stand out by not shying away from writing as if these were true events; things you hear about on the news and it guts you. That's Cat for you. 

#5. This isn't a reason for her MC books, but for her amazing historical romance standalone, a Gothic romance that is one of the best written. Why? It's not your usual historical, with heaving bosoms, but it's dirty, has a Bronte and Austen feel to it. Think of the aforementioned feels and realistic story lines and put it into a different time and you have one of the best books out there. 

I also met Cat and am lucky enough to call her a dear friend. She's awesome. If you think I'm biased, read the books, you won't be sorry!


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