Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hope Restrained Blog Tour

CHECK OUT M.S WILLIS latest book Hope Restrained. If you you like Dark reads this is definitely the book for you. If you don't you are missing out. Check out the Estate Series it is a must read. Links below.

Check out the playlist for Hope Restrained here:

“Beg for me, Hope.”

The words were jumbled, echoing from deep within something far from where she lay, but she wanted him back, closer, touching her, driving her.  She floated inside a bubble of fire and ice, of day and night.  Thought was obsolete and meaningless, the only things necessary were pleasure…and pain.  She’d beg, now that she’d been pushed to a point of abandon and carelessness, she’d beg for more, for it never to end.  Her strength was her weakness, and now that he’d discovered it, he forced her body to betray her, to mock her for how feeble her mind had become.

“Please.”  Her plea was muffled by her intoxication and she opened her eyes to see his wicked grin.  He didn’t look real.  He wore his strength and command over her like he would clothing, every inch of his skin sticky with masculinity and raw power.  Drops of sweat dripped down his brow, sliding along his skin, breaking apart against the stubble of his jaw.  She’d trembled when he’d raked his cheek along the inside of her thigh and she wanted to feel it over her breasts as his teeth bit into the tips.

“Please what?”  He laughed softly and his words vibrated through his chest, tickling her skin where he touched her.  Every few seconds he would run his length between her thighs, tempting and teasing her – promising to fill her so full, her own body would break apart around him and her mind would shatter within her skull.
“Break me…please”

Here is the link to check out Hope Restrained the latest in the Estate Series:

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And the prequel Joseph Fallen which you do not want to miss:

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