Friday, December 27, 2013

Blue Moon (Too Good to be True) by A.E. Via

Blue Moon (Too good to be true)
by A.E. Vie

Angel DeLucca is one of the most sought after gay bachelors in Virginia Beach, but when he tries to find true love, no one takes him seriously. After a one-night stand goes wrong, he comes into contact with hunky, straight, firefighter Maximus (Max) Strong, and Angel’s mission in life is now clear.

Max’s older, protective, brother, Ryker secretly craves the attention and praise of a Master. Angel’s Security Chief, Master Dom, Sebastian ‘Bass’ Bagetteli, shatters that secret with their first intense encounter.

These men’s stories will unravel in a whirlwind of romance, bondage, revelations, action scenes, and very hot sex.

My Review

Too good to be true?.... Maybe. but we all need HEA's sometimes, don't we? 

This book has everything, humor, drama, action, and romance. Perfect combination if you ask me, and loaded with hot military type men!!! (faints)

Angel...the long haired exotic club owner. *swoon* 
Son to Shot, one of the special ops team"Beastmasters". 
A name like that would make anyone tremble! And all the team members are just absolutely drool worthy!!

Angel Delucca

Enter, Maxamillion, firefighter, a straight man (uh hem) . Has to answer a false fire alarm at Blue Moon, Angels club. The moment he meets Angel, insta-connect!!! Max has to struggle with conflicted feelings, feelings he has for a...*gasp*… man! His go to is his brother, Ryker, also gay man. He lays it out for him and makes Max see things straight...or not so straight *chuckles* 

Maximus Strong

It is instant heat between Angel and Max, and their story together is so sweet, and funny. I love that Max is a protector, even of Angel is trained and doesn't need it. They are equals in every way. 

I also felt I got 2 books in 1. The story of Ryker and Bass, Angels chief of security, is a fantastic story as well. One of Dom/sub relationship. Again, they have insta-connect, and light up the story. 

The Beastmasters

While both their stories intertwine, we also get a peek into Shot and special agent Fox (fanning face) and Hawk (drooling like an idiot) and Pierce. I will say book 2 is going to be just as hot, if not more so....and that is me totally assuming there will be a book 2??? pleeaaase??? ;) 
Bass and Ryker

I Give this book 4 stars... but I do warn you, it is instant romance, not a lot of leading up to it...So you know that going in, but to me, nothing was lacking in any way!!Just sit back and enjoy the story...story of hot men, f*cking sh*t up! ;)


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