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Try by Ella Frank

Try by Ella Frank

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The following was my Facebook post early this morning, and tonight I already have my review written...
So I finally started Try last night. Barely got any read before this happened  
Guess it was too smokin' for kindle to handle at the time 
Tried to get it to work forever with no outcome, but finally got it to reset this morning. It must have been feeling overwhelmed 
Hopefully work will allow me some reading time today!

After seeing Ella's cover photo about Try, I was interested.

Ok all you SOG's that pressured me into reading this damned book, you got me.  I'm converted.  Inducted.  Where do I sign?  Now what the fuck am I going to do?  I'm ruined for most of the books already purchased on my kindle!  Try was the sexiest book I have ever, and I mean ever, read.  I just don't understand how I'm suppose to move on.  There is no reprieve in sight.

not really but you get my point (who knows maybe I decided on a reread and I am actually)

I'm no novice on the M/M/F books.  It is in fact a favorite of mine.  But this is my first time reading M/M.  I was very wary to TRY it.  First off, although I love the flamboyant gays in stories that I read, they do not turn me on.  They're like BFF material not BBF material.  So I just didn't expect me, a female, to get into an erotic story involving two men.  Hot damn, my ideas on that aspect were shot down immediately, zero prissy/100% alpha.

Obviously being a woman, I don't know how a relationship and sex goes between two men.  I mean I know the mechanics of it, but she like really broke it down...what was going on in each man's mind, body, everything.  Logan was bi and Tate was straight until he met Logan so it's a learning experience for the characters and the reader.  

I know I've went on and on about it so I want to make a point to say, this book is definitely much more than just the flaming sex scenes.  The storyline is pretty deep actually.  It's very well written with a high entertainment factor and it is a real thought evoker. 

I recommend you rush right out and read it now if you haven't.  Just be ready for a good ol' dose of penis envy.  But if you can't have true insight, reading about it is the next best thing.
 Try is on my top books for 2013 list for sure. 

 Here is my original fan pic of my version of Logan and Tate.  
This scene is from when Tate first goes to Logan's apartment, in my mind at least.

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