Wednesday, December 4, 2013

REMY by Katy Evans (review and giveaway)

REMY by Katy Evans

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Oh, REMY, REMY, REMY, let me count the ways that I love you...
Every time I read more from this series, I feel myself sucked deeper into the magnetic, immortal, hypnotic, monumental, consuming mythology which is Remington Tate.

I have loved REMY since the moment we first met, as he was walking to the ring.  And I lost my mind the first time his body was described, especially his perfect behind (yum)

When I take you, baby, I'm taking it all. I'm taking every fucking breath, every inch of your skin. Every. Beat. Of your heart.

It was amazing to finally get inside of his head.  I knew he had a wonderful soul, but this book confirmed that notion plus some, his soul is breathtaking.  He feels so deeply, loves so fully, gives so freely, fights so fiercely.

But she's got all my hunter buttons engaged, and now I want her and I'm going to have her.

First off, reading from REMY's POV was like starting a whole new series.  Often books containing the same story from a different character's POV can be redundant, but inside REMY's head is so unique that this book was a totally different experience.  It did retell Real and Mine from REMY's POV, but also added new scenes, switching between current and past throughout.  I just can't say enough how amazing it was to see how life works from the mind and feelings of REMY.  Coming from nothing, he blew the world away, despite everything.  A lesser person would have given up a loooooong time ago, but he never gives up the fight to live and pursue his dreams.  The way he loves Brooke is beyond words.  It's like he simply cannot breathe without her!  He has to possess her.  

my original REMY fan pic

I'm her Real. She's Mine.

My favorite quote would have to be
Rem, that boy is priceless.  He already feels like he's the shit and he's not even one.

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