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Nocturnes by Kendall Grey

Nocturnes by Kendall Grey

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Nocturnes is the 3rd book of the Hard Rock Harlots series.  The definition of Nocturne is a musical composition that is inspired by or evocative of the night.  That is absolutely so fitting for this book.  Comparing it to the first of the series is like night and day, humorous vs. dark.  The theme of music lyrics, notes and rhythms still plays a major roll as like the others of the series, but this book's path follows a more harsh tone.

So right from the start, the reader is shocked, grabbed and forced to hold on for a wild ride.
This is the story of Rax a well established dickhead and Lola/Eve a beautiful empty shell.  Both are suffering some extremely consuming demons.

Rax and Eve are so not the usual bad boy and trouble girl overcoming their issues and ending up together.  Issues is an understatement.  Their issues have issues.  And there is Nothing silly or romantic about some of the situations they find themselves in.  Some are just plain OMG sad.

I feel Kendall reached a whole new level of writing in this storyline.  I love darker reads, and this book was definitely the best of the series in my opinion.  It's difficult to tell about the story without giving away important details and scenes that must be delivered to the reader's brain straight from the book.  It's totally part of the reading experience to have several "Holy Shit", "Oh No" and "Well Crap" moments.  But don't worry cause after the night comes the morning.

And of course there are still some crazy tongue twisting lines and outlandish expressions that we have grown to love from this series so there are some light moments through it all.

I think the moral of the story is... 
You can always come back from it, no matter what you've done.  You can always turn your life around and change who and what you are.  You can find happiness again.
I choose to feel.  I choose pain.  I choose life.

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