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Lazy Sundays by K-Lee Klein

Lazy Sundays by K-Lee Klein

Scott is a self-proclaimed, self-accepted, obsessive-compulsive geek—and he’s okay with that. At least until a one night stand with a gorgeous man who couldn’t be any further from geekness if he tried, somehow turns into a regular thing.

Devon is rugged, masculine, long-haired and tattooed—a man's man. Scott falls hard and fast for him, and to his complete surprise, Devon seems to have feelings for Scott as well. It all seemed so simple.

But then there's the part where Devon never wants to go out, and their regular thing is confined to those days when Devon shows up in Scott's doorway. Scott desperately wants more, but is afraid that pushing will cost him what he already has …


"I'm not going Anywhere. Tomorrow is Sunday, best day of the week."

This is such a short and sweet book. the writing is awesome and the characters sweep you away.

Devon and Scott are so different, Scott being a brainy accountant (I love my nerds) and Devon, well in the beginning, you only know him as a tattooed, bike riding, swoon worthy, manly man. 

"Really? But we're so Different."~Scott
Scott Weston

"Wouldn't want to date myself, would I? Differences are what make people unique. I'm sure there's a lot of things you think are really strange about me."~ Devon
Devon Ducaine

Scott can't believe Dev would want someone like him, and spends most of the time wondering where the attraction is coming from. When Scott realizes Dev has a secret, he immediately thinks the worst.

"By the time he reached the door-all of twenty feet or so of stepping over things that did not belong where he was stepping - he was angry at the person on the other side for interrupting his Canada Goose happily every after and for not bringing him anymore cookies, but mostly for the latter."

Scott finds out said secret, and his mind spin out of control assuming even more of the worst.. which end in a blowout. Luckily, Devs friends , literally, knock some sense into him... and we do end up with our HEA. It was a struggle to get there, but worth it. and hey, opposites attract :)

"I meant it, Devon says softly. I know your brain is logicalizing it, or whatever you wanna call it. But logical or not, I love you."

This book has humor, drama, and of course, romance. 

I Give this book 4+ stars

Quick M/M read about two very different guys that somehow connected.

Scott fancies himself as the boring, not-that-handsome accountant. He fancies Devon as the hot badass, all-male guy. And he has no idea why Devon is attracted to him.

It all starts one Saturday night, when they meet in a club. From there it goes to Devon dropping by Scott’s place, spending the nights and Sunday mornings together. Scott has panic attacks, a slight case of OCD but the weekends are always good and enough.

Until they aren’t and Scott wants to know more about his mysterious lover. Because he doesn’t think he’s good enough for Devon, he feels insecure.

After a fight, everything comes to a screeching halt. Then, at a concert, he finds out more about Devon than he probably wanted and after a little back-and-forth and a few misunderstandings, they get right back to where they were. All thanks to a concussion.

I liked it. Four stars for me. 

Sweet baby cheesus, this book has the hottest name for the main character ever!!!!   Devon Ducaine!!  The book starts off on a Sunday and basically ends on a Sunday.  Devon, hot tattooed biker, meets Scott the OCD accountant in a jazz bar, they start a May to December romance.  Scott has problems excepting that beautiful Devon has chosen him to spend his free time with him.  Scott pushes Devon away in fear of being hurt, after taking his nephew to a Smoky Grey concert, Scott sees what Devon has been hiding, his alter ego Devastation, lead singer for Smoky Grey. 

“I like that, but what about honesty, Devon?  Can you offer me that or do you still have things that are off the table?”  ~Scott

“I honestly love you.”~Devon

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